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How does WayToFly offer such low Business Class fares?

Here at we are able to provide our customers with wholesale business class tickets which is a discounted airfare that is sold by most airline companies to consolidators to fill seats. These business class tickets are always below the lowest published fare available online from an airline company. Search for the cheapest Business class Fares at Way To FLy

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How we do Business specializes in cheap Business class prices on international air fares, By choosing you be assured that you will get the best value for your money on your Business Class Flight.
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Way to FLy Specalizes in the cheapest Business CLas Fares from the US to every other country in the World. Be Sure to find the Cheapes Business Class fare when you book. Way to fly Can help you with finding the cheapest business class and First class air fare. Feel free to give us a call and save thousands of dollars of your business class tickets


Atlanta to Bangkok $1,071*
Atlanta to Brisbane $1,337*
Atlanta to Christchurch $1,495*
Atlanta to Frankfurt $832*
Atlanta to Perth $1,657*
Atlanta to S. Petersburg $912*
Atlanta to Sydney $1,337*
Boston to Barcelona $687*
Boston to Beijing $940*
Boston to Helsinki $792*
Boston to Kiev $758*
Boston to Munich $772*
Boston to Perth $1,701*
Boston to Zurich $785*
Charlotte to Amsterdam $835*
Charlotte to Auckland $1,407*
Charlotte to Oslo $861*
Charlotte to Shanghai $880*
Charlotte to Venice $768*
Chicago to Auckland $1,407*
Chicago to Brussels $782*
Chicago to Geneva $789*
Chicago to Hamburg $815*
Chicago to Milan $793*
Chicago to Munich $815*
Chicago to Shanghai $880*
Chicago to Zurich $789*
Dallas to Florence $816*
Dallas to Kiev $901*
Dallas to Prague $771*
Dallas to Sofia $964*
Denver to Auckland $1,355*
Denver to Geneva $838*
Denver to Gothenburg $888*
Denver to London $769*
Detroit to Bergen $900*
Detroit to Brussels $760*
Detroit to Budapest $834*
Detroit to Krakow $836*
Detroit to Sarajevo $1,059*
Detroit to Warsaw $836*
Houston to Christchurch $1,443*
Houston to Dubrovnik $898*
Houston to Frankfurt $825*
Houston to Lyon $754*
Houston to Manchester $769*
Houston to Minsk $853*
Houston to Okinawa $1,194*
Houston to Perth $1,605*
Houston to Sofia $980*
Houston to Zagreb $835*
Los Angeles to Amsterdam $804*
Los Angeles to Bangkok $1,050*
Los Angeles to Helsinki $949*
Los Angeles to Hong Kong $800*
Los Angeles to Lisbon $853*
Los Angeles to Manchester $769*
Los Angeles to Milan $855*
Los Angeles to Okinawa $1,079*
Los Angeles to Rome $751*
Los Angeles to Sofia $1,041*
Los Angeles to Vilnius $1,068*
Los Angeles to Zagreb $1,076*
Miami to Athens $828*
Miami to Bucharest $828*
Miami to Frankfurt $792*
Miami to Okinawa $1,212*
Minneapolis to Barcelona $774*
Minneapolis to Dubrovnik $1,047*
Minneapolis to Hamburg $811*
Minneapolis to Krakow $863*
Minneapolis to Sofia $937*
New York to Beijing $880*
New York to Minsk $787*
New York to Oslo $810*
New York to Paris $763*
New York to Stockholm $810*
New York to Stuttgart $793*
Orlando to Bucharest $828*
Orlando to Milan $831*
Orlando to Munich $763*
Orlando to Sofia $1,041*
Orlando to Zagreb $985*

Cheap Business Class Flights with Way To Fly

Air New Zealand Business Class business class on Emirates business class on Swiss Airways

WayToFly provides great deals on airline travel and cheap business flights to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Africa, and Australia that other wise would be prohibitively expensive. With flights leaving from all major U.S. cities; including, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, and Orlando, we offer consolidated airfares to meet all of your travel needs. Way To Fly offers a solution which allows travelers to save thousands of dollars on business class flights around the world. We have great deals on business class airfare tickets with First class service that are available for business and personal travel with great savings on up to 70 % off your tickets. Way To Fly is your number 1 source for finding the cheapest business class flights Deals and Air Fare to your destination. We will stop at nothing to finding you a cheap business class tickets. Travel in luxury, class and comfort for less. Way To Fly specializes in finding you the best deals on business class flights and specials on business class airfares.

What makes Way To Fly different?

Way To Fly uses discounted fares that are not available through online booking websites or from the airlines directly. Way To Fly not only has an assortment of consolidated rates but the expertise to find you the best deal and how to book them. We only search for the Deeply discounted business class flights and book these directly over the phone in order to save you as much as possible. Our Experience Agents have been booking business class flights for years and know how to save you time and money while maintaining a comfortable flight Schedule

Deeply Discounted Travel

Our specials on business class tickets help our customers to get the best deals and we understand that with the rising cost of air travel, finding the right price on business airfare is the first step in making a vacation or travel plan a success. Our affordable business class specials are the perfect solution for travelers on a tight budget and we pride ourselves in offering the best prices on business class flights and providing our customers with the most inexpensive, consolidated airline tickets. Our team at Way To Fly has the unique ability to find these seats and save you thousands of dollars off your next business class flight tickets.

Experienced Live Support

Our Live customer service specialists are available 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. PST Monday through Friday and by email all other hours. Our travel experts understand Your needs and are able to provide value so your business Class Flight is speedy, easy, and pleasurable. Way To Fly can also tailor you Itinerary for special amenities such as: wheel chair assistance, special diets hotel reservations, car rentals open jaw itinerary's, trips around the world and save you thousands in the process.