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Business Class Stress Relief

You're on the plane, and you are flying to meet a client and giving the biggest presentation of your business career. Is that a stressful event? You bet it is! So what do you do about it?

Stress is a big part of our daily lives. There is good and bad stress in our lives and how we react to this stress is very important. Good stress, like taking exams, participating in sports or even awaiting the birth of a baby, are events which causes stress, but also usually events which provides us with an extra incentive to complete the task. Conversely, there are also bad stress events such as financial problems, marital difficulties or loss of a loved one.

However, most stress falls somewhere in between the good and bad stress events.Stress has an effect on the body by generally raising people's heart rate and can also raise your blood pressure.In a short-term basis, stress can be fine.However, stress on a long-term basis can have a negative effect on your heart and other systems of the body.

The most important part of stress is your individual stress management. There are a number of methods and ideas on how you can reduce stress, even from your seat in business class. By following these recommendations you can keep the effects of in control. So that your next business flight will be more enjoyable!

Stress Defined

  • Stress Definition Definition of stress along with background information on the causes and effects of stress.
  • Understanding Stress General overview of the problems associated with stress in our lives.
  • American Institute of Stress Professional organization where the members are dedicated to understanding stress.
  • Stress Informative site giving an overview of what stress is, what causes stress and some ways to cope with stress.
  • What is Stress? Medical publication discussing in general terms what trouble can result in our lives.
  • Teen Stress Information on the events in the lives of teenagers which can be stressful.
  • Good Stress Useful information from Columbia University about how certain stressful situations can be good for us.
  • Good and Bad Stress Informative site citing the differences between good and bad stress events in our lives and how they differ.

Causes of Stress

  • WebMD Information Useful page with information on the various causes of stress in our daily lives.
  • Mail Causes Listing of five of the main stressful events and causes that people encounter.
  • Causes and Signs Informative site giving a wide range of information on stress and the causes.
  • Teen Stress Information on the events in the lives of teenagers which can cause them stress.
  • Top Causes of Stress Information from Livestrong on the top ten causes in people's lives.
  • Typical Causes Useful page listing several of the main stressful events that people encounter.
  • Causes and Consequences Web page providing some of the causes of stress in our daily life and what consequences they may have.

Body's Reaction to Stress

  • Brain's Response Article providing information on how the brain reacts to certain life situations.
  • General Adaptation Syndrome Information on GAS, which is basically the way the body naturally adapts to stressful situations.
  • Stress Reactions General information on the reactions we have to various events in the course of our lives.
  • The Stress Response Helpful slide show giving some information on the way that we respond to certain events.
  • Stress Reactions Listing of various complications that can arise from having stress in our life.
  • Acute Stress Reactions Informative page providing information on what happens when a person is not able to handle stressful situations.

Stress Relief Ideas

  • Stress Management Page offering several suggestions on how to manage stressful situations.
  • Stress Relief Several ideas on how you can try to manage stressful events better.
  • Stress Relief for Teens Article providing information that can be used for teenagers to combat stress in their lives.
  • Stress at Work Information about common occurrences of stress in the workplace along with ideas on how to deal with them.
  • Mayo Clinic Suggestions Helpful suggestions from the Mayo Clinic on how to manage stressful situations.
  • Stress Management Informative suggestions from WebMD on how to manage and measure your stress.
  • Managing Stress Useful information on stress and how to manage and minimize its effects.
  • Dealing with Stress The American Heart Association provides information on how to deal with problems in our lives.
  • Stress Management When Traveling Helpful article giving hints and ideas on how to reduce your stress while traveling for business or pleasure.

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