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Why Get Travel Insurance

Business class flights are an investment in your time and money. Some business class flights are non exchangeable and non refundable which can leave you out to dry if a trip gets interrupted or canceled. In the case of most unforeseen accidents or events the extra stress can be overwhelming. To protect your Investment the best choice is to purchase an insurance policy that will not only cover the cost of your flight in the event of an emergency but also the medical cost in the case of a accident at your destination. The insurance policies that we carry are on average 10% more expensive but are well worth it for several reasons. First 90% of all claims are issued a check within 7 business days. Second our cancel for any reason policy insures your trip for virtually any unforeseen reason.

What types of travel insurance are there?

From a broad perspective there are three plans available by most companies; A Basic Plan; Deluxe Plan and a Cancel anytime plan. The First two plans are more for medical insurance at your destination. The Cancel anytime plan is more suited for insuring your flight and the cost of your trip.

What does the Cancel Any Time Insurance plan cover for your Business Class Flight.

  • Trip Cancelation

  • Trip Interruption

  • Medical and Dental Coverage

  • Emergency Medical Transportation

  • Baggage Loss

  • Baggage Delay

What are the valid reasons for a claim.

  • Illness, Injury, Death in the immediate family (through no fault of your own)

  • Strikes, FAA Shutdown

  • Severe Weather or Natural Disaster

  • Subpoena / Court Order / Jury Duty / Court Date (through no fault or misconduct of your own)

  • Traffic Accident En Route to airport

  • Legal Separation or Divorce

  • Employer Termination (through no fault of your own)

  • Required to Work (Biz-Pack Expanded Coverage)

How to file a claim !

It is in the insurance company's best interest not to pay your claim and to make you jump through as many bureaucratic hoops as possible. This is why we are very adamant about explaining how to get your money's worth from insurance. We also only partner with insurance providers who have a proven track record with us and our customer's. If your reason for filing is not listed above you will have a difficult putting through your claim and we recommend you do a little investigation before submitting your claim.

Documentation: First At the time of the accident gather as much paper work as possible. Police reports, Court papers, and Doctors Note's will help you tremendously. none of these documents should state your fault or your claim will be denied.

Research: Call the insurance company and make sure your reason for canceling is covered (using hypothetical scenarios works best). Once you found a legitimate way to explain your situation you need to get the corresponding forms and documentation together and email scan of fax them to the insurance company . Our agents can help you fill out all the necessary forms it is very easy.

Wait : After 5 - 7 days the insurance company will either send you a check or call asking for more documentation. Insurance companies are legally required to make a final decision within 30 days of the claim and 40 days to have the check to you.

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