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Imagine trudging through jungles surrounded by creatures such as tigers and snakes or exploring caves filled with sparkling stalactites and stalagmites? You can venture throughout the world and experience things you may never be able to experience in real life through eField trips.

What exactly is an eField trip? It is where students and teachers are able to use a computer and the Internet in order to bring the trip to the classroom instead of physically going somewhere. The trips relate to specific topics and grade levels. There are often activities involved with the trips which make the experience interactive and truly get the viewers involved. The topic information is always current and there are no transportation fees necessary to get people to the area of study. Schools often experience budget cuts and eField trips provide a means of experiencing things such as a museum without added expenses. Many virtual field trips require no fees at all while a few require a minimal fee.

There is also a level of control involved with this type of trip. There is no need for extra volunteers to help watch the students. You don't have to worry about anyone wandering off because you are all together in one classroom and you stay there throughout the exploration. If the trip involves an outdoor location and occurs on a stormy day, it doesn't matter because you are in a safe and dry classroom. You don't need to worry about everyone applying sunscreen, needing hats and sunglasses to wear or even having water to drink.

Efield trips also can expose students to new technology types and truly peak their interest and motivate their learning in a specific area of study. Imagine video conferencing with a professional in the area you are studying who can tell the students exactly what is involved with what they do. The professional can even answer questions directly from the students. How about meeting other students and teachers throughout the world and learning about their country and cultures? Instead of merely being a pen pal with a child from another country like students may have done in the past, they can actually see the other person and talk to them.

There are different types of virtual field trips. Some sites offer materials for teachers while some merely stream video. Even just streaming video can be very exciting. For example, if the video involves animals in the wild that you can see up close without the possibility of being attacked, it is an amazing thing to see and can be very exciting. Other eField trips provide video conferencing with professionals in a specific field. Museums and other attractions often offer interactive tours online. The online museum tours are just as interesting as actually going to the building. The possibilities regarding virtual trips are endless and many websites are available to provide you with exactly the trip you are searching for.

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