Arab Republic of Egypt

Currency: EGP
Calling Code: 20
Capital: Cairo
Region: Africa
Subregion: Northern Africa
Languages: ara : Arabic
Area 1002450


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Egypt history reads like an epic tale where the country is rich in landmarks to this story, from the peerless glories of Ancient Egypt to the jewels of Islamic Cairo. Even Egypt's geography has the quality of a myth, from the Great desert Sahara and Its mythical tales to the Nile, that great river of legend, and the rich marine life of the Red Sea. Egypt is a time capsual all the way from the time of the pharos to us sitting infront of our computers. Come and see the wonders to the Anchent world.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

October to May to avoid the heat

Tourist Atractions

Pyramids of Giza, the last intact Ancient Wonder of the World, and don't forget the Sphinx
Ancient Egypt's heartland, Luxor, from the Valley of the Kings to the sublime Karnak Temple
Cairo, the clamorous 'Mother of the World', with mosques, mausoleums and the Egyptian Museum
Abu Simbel, arguably the singlemost beautiful landmark from Ancient Egypt
Siwa, one of the Sahara's most beguiling oasis towns rich in ancient myths

Popular Activities

Dive or snorkel in the Red Sea, an unbelievable world beneath the water
Climb to the summit and watch the sunrise from Mount Sinai
Spend days drifting down the Nile aboard a felucca (traditional sailing boat)
Drive out into the White Desert from the western oasis of Farafra
Go on a camel safari with the Bedouin in Sinai

In Business Class Flight

Books: Naguib Mahfouz's The Cairo Trilogy; and either In the Eye of the Sun or The Map of Love by Ahdaf Soueif, for deep insights into Egyptian culture
Music: Movies: The Yacoubian Building by Marwan Flamed, and the landmark Baby Doll Night by Adel Adeeb, which are windows on modern Egypt

Complete your visit With:

Taste: foul (salty fava bean paste); taamia (felafel); or kushari (noodles, rice, black lentils and dried onions, served with a fiery tomato sauce)
Drink: fresh fruit juices, mint tea and Turkish coffee

Words To Learn

Inshallah (God willing)

Known For:

Pyramids and pharaohs; King Tut and Cleopatra; Nile journeys and camels into the desert; world-class diving; tacky souvenirs; incessant honking

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