State of Eritrea

Currency: ERN
Calling Code: 291
Capital: Asmara
Region: Africa
Subregion: Eastern Africa
Languages: ara : Arabic eng : English tir : Tigrinya
Area 117600


Business Class to Eritrea

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Part Fellini film set, part Ottoman Empire, business class to Africa's Eritrea Is a country like no other. The apocalyptic, volcanic desert of Dankalla sits at one end of Its colourful spectrum. Fly Business Class to Africa and see these magnifisant coral reefs of the Red Sea bookends the other. Wedged between the two, in what is a mere sliver on the business class to the Horn of Africa, is a wealth of culture, history and beauty for business class travellers to experience. Relics of ancient African civilisations, early Arab traders, Ottoman rulers and business to Italian colonialism abound. The fight for sovereignty and continuing conflicts with Ethiopia have brought hard times to Eritreans, but they remain proud, clinging to their strong sense of identity and independence.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

October to May, when temperatures have settled down

Tourist Atractions

Inspired examples of art deco, expressionist, cubist and neoclassical Italian architecture in Asmara, the 'Piccolo Roma'
The Temple of Mariam Wakiro, one of the ancient archaeological ruins in Qohaito
De bre Libanos, an extraordinary 6th-century monastery embedded into a lofty cliff face
Passeggiata, an evening ritual when the people of Asmara take to the streets to stroll

Popular Activities

Get cosy with corals while diving the depths of the Dahlak Archipelago
Depart earth for the stark wonders of planet Dankalia
Inhale the aromas (and a macchiato or two) in the many classic art deco cafes on Asmara's Harnet Ave
Wend through the whitewashed buildings, porticoes and arcades of Massawa, an island with an engaging, Arab appeal

In Business Class Flight

Books: I Didn't Do it for You: How the World Used and Abused a Small African Nation by Michela Wrong, an entertaining and angering portrayal of Eritrea's heart and soul
Music: Movies: Heart of Fire, a film based on the real life of a young female soldier who came of age during Eritrea's civil war

Complete your visit With:

Taste: legamat (deep-fried dough balls sold hot in newspaper cones)
Drink: a piping-hot macchiato

Words To Learn

Selam (Hello, in Tigrinya)

Known For:

Infallible politeness; classic art deco architecture; marvellous macchiatos; conflict with Ethiopia


Having successfully fought together as friends to finally defeat the Derg in 1991, Eritrea's President Isaias and Ethiopia's Prime Minister Zenawi soon waged war against each other - the trigger of the falling-out was Eritrea's decision to introduce its own currency (the nakfa) to replace the Ethiopian birr

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