Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Currency: ETB
Calling Code: 251
Capital: Addis Ababa
Region: Africa
Subregion: Eastern Africa
Languages: amh : Amharic
Area 1104300


Business Class to Ethiopia

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Traveling to Ethiopia for breathtaking scenery, rugged but majestic mountains, exotic endemic mammals, birds, plants and pristine cultural diversity. Ethiopia is Located in the northeastern Horn of Africa. Ethiopia is the oldest nation in Africa. Its bedrock belongs to the earth's first continent, a continent known by geologists as Gondwanaland. Ethiopia proudly blurs the lines between present and past. Ethiopians embrace their ancient rituals and all the relics associated with their 2000-year-old civilisation. Ornate, churches date back to the first millennium AD are not simply showpieces of past grandeur for tourists, they are the pillars of daily worship. The historical country treasures a dramatic, mountainous landscape where dozens of animal species seen nowhere else on earth play. For the traveller entering this unique world, with its own language, script, timekeeping and wildlife, is a exciting expeirence Like no other.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

October to January, when the watered highlands are blooming marvellous

Tourist Atractions

Endemic walla ibex butting heads on a dramatic Abyssinian precipice in the Pinion Mountains
The vibrant tribes of the Omo Valley
Africa's Camelot and its emperors' 17th-century castles in Gonder
Hyena feeding outside the fabled gates of the walled city of Harar
Lake Chamo's crocodile market - be careful, the reptiles are the ones shopping

Popular Activities

Flirt with gravity when climbing to reach Tigray's most precariously positioned church, Abuna Yemata Guh
Take an expedition to Erta Ale's lava lake in the Danakil Depression
Step into the medieval shadows to see Lalibela's light, its 11 rock-hewn churches
Soak up the ambience during a traditional coffee ceremony
Emerge from Aksumite tombs and stare skyward at the ancient civilisation's stelae

In Business Class Flight

Books: Wax & Gold by Donald N Levine, which offers an insightful look into Amharic culture
Music: Movies: Mary Olive Smith's documentary A Walk to Beautiful, the telling journey of five outcast women rebuilding their lives

Complete your visit With:

Taste: injera (rubbery, sponge-like flatbread of national importance) laden with berbere?spiced beef and gomen (minced spinach)
Drink: coffee (Ethiopia is at its origins)

Words To Learn

ishee (OK, Hello, Goodbye - or with a smile it's a gesture of friendliness and goodwill)

Known For:

Ethiopian Orthodox Church; rock-hewn churches; African castles; stelae; the coffee ceremony; 'bleeding heart' baboons; Abyssinia; middle- and long-distance runners


When the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front tanks rolled into Addis Ababa in 1991, they were navigating with the map in Lonely Planet's Africa on a Shoestring

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