Republic of Ghana

Currency: GHS
Calling Code: 233
Capital: Accra
Region: Africa
Subregion: Western Africa
Languages: eng : English
Area 238533


Business Class to Ghana

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Ghana has always been Africa's golden child. It was from here that the pre-colonial Asante Empire ruled this region and gave birth to gold-laden legends of fabulous wealth. Asante artefacts remain as prized by collectors of African art amd is beloved by historians. But this is only half the story. Ghana has the signature African attractions of beautiful beaches, grang castles and large herds of elephants and Rhinos in its fine national parks. To add to this African destination evry one speaks english and Ghana unlike it's naighbors has not been to war since WW2. This country is a safe place to visit and has very clouse ties to the western world.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

November to March, when the weather is cooler and drier

Tourist Atractions

Cape Coast and Elmina, two of many former colonial (and slaving) forts overlooking the Atlantic
Kumasi's Kejetia Market (West Africa's largest) and monuments of the ancient Asante capital
Accra's busy markets, restaurants and a sprinkling of historic buildings o The mud-brick mosques of Wa and a nearby hippo sanctuary in the far northwest Akosombo's fine hilltop views over Lake Volta, the world's largest artificial lake

Popular Activities

Set off on Africa's cheapest safaris in search of elephants in Mole National Park
Learn how to play the balafon (West African xylophone) by the beach at Kokrobite
Go surfing at Busua or laze on the beach at nearby Akwidaa, Ghana's most beautiful beach
Walk high through the rainforest canopy in Kakum National Park
Trek along the Gambarga Escarpment and into villages time forgot

In Business Class Flight

Books: The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born by Ghanaian novelist Ayi Kwei Armah, or African Market Women: Seven Life Stories from Ghana by Gracia Clark
Music: Movies: Heritage Africa by Ghanaian director Kwaw P Ansah, an exploration of colonialism in Ghana

Complete your visit With:

Taste: tutu (pounded cassava, plantain or yam) with a fiery sauce; groundnut stew; (olio( rice; omo tuo (rice balls served in fish or meat soup)
Drink: pito (Mij t. beer) in the north, palm wine in the north

Words To Learn

Hani wodzo (Let's dance)

Known For:

Highlife and hip-life, the soundtrack of a nation; formidable coastal forts with a slaving past; beautiful beaches; a rich Asante (Ashanti) past


Ghana produces one-fifth of the world's cocoa beans, making it the world's second- largest producer

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