Republic of Madagascar

Currency: MGA
Calling Code: 261
Capital: Antananarivo
Region: Africa
Subregion: Eastern Africa
Languages: fra : French mlg : Malagasy
Area 587041


Business Class to Madagascar

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Madagascar Is that island off the lowe right hand side of Africa that peaks your interest when looking at the map. Madagascar became a french colonie in the late 1880 and later in the 1960 gain its indapendance but still maintains clouse ties to France. France heavily influenced Madagascar's Business planning and policy and served as its key trading partner. Key products were cultivated and distributed nationally through Business and consumers' cooperatives. There are government initiatives such as a rural development program and state farms were established to boost production of commodities such as rice, coffee, cattle, silk and palm oil. Madagascar is a peacefull country but also very hard to fly. There are very few routs of flights to this Island. The easy est rout is to fly to South Africa and find an ajoining flight to the capitol Antsiranana.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

April to October (the dry season)

Tourist Atractions

Tsingy, surreal limestone pinnacles that would make Antoni Gaudi proud
Remote Madagascar from a pirogue floating down the Tsiribihina River
Avenue du Baobab, a road lined by giants
Famadihana, or 'turning of the bones', a sacred ceremony of exhumation
Malagasy life in fast forward, the colourful streets of Antananarivo are full of it

Popular Activities

Try not to get caught up in it all while walking through the remarkable 'spiny forest' in Parc National d'Andohahela
Trek deep into the lush cloud forests of Parc National de Ranomafana to swap looks with lemurs
Step into an envy-evoking postcard at Andilana's beach on Nosy Be
Experience the geological, biological and spiritual wonders of Parc National de l'Isalo
Find your own personal treasure when diving the reef off Nosy Ve, a former haunt of Malagasy pirates

In Business Class Flight

Books: A History of Madagascar by Mervyn Brown, an eminently readable, authoritative description of the island's history
Music: Movies: Raymond Rajaonarivelo's Quand les Etoiles Rencontrent la Mer (When the Stars Meet the Sea), the story of a boy born during a solar eclipse; Rajaonarivelo's Tabataba, a film about the bloody rebellion against the French in 1947

Complete your visit With:

Taste: vary hen'omby (rice served with stewed or boiled zebu)
Drink: rano vo/a (rice water), a brown, smoky-tasting concoction - it's an acquired taste

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