Federal Republic of Nigeria

Currency: NGN
Calling Code: 234
Capital: Abuja
Region: Africa
Subregion: Western Africa
Languages: eng : English
Area 923768


Business Class to Nigeria

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Africa's Nigeria is an overwhelming experience. It is a place few travellers dare to venture into Africa's wildest jungle. It is in West Africa's most exciting country, a place where the overload of civilication yields to the wilds of the Gashaka Gumpti National Park, where tranquil sacred forests provenance coexist with the deeply religious Muslim north and its ancient trading Posts with a colourful histories. This coexistence is often fraught with tension. For the most part, ordinary Nigerians, are a kind and a proud people .

Best Time To Fly Business Class

November to February

Tourist Atractions

West Africa's oldest surviving city, Kano, with beguiling Muslim and Hausa architecture and traditions
Intimidating and exciting in equal measure, Lagos, the capital in all but name
Benin City, the rich legacy of ancient Benin with brass casting, museum and the Oba's Palace
The small but ancient walled city of Zaria in Nigeria's north
Calabar, one of Nigeria's most agreeable cities set high above Cross River

Popular Activities

Spot elephants, lions and hippos in the terrific Gashaka Gumpti National Park
Wander through the World Heritage-listed Sacred Forest in Yoruba Oshogbo
Walk through the rainforest canopy at the Afi Mountain Drill Ranch, home to rehabilitated drills
Stroll through a medieval epic amid the well-preserved architecture of Katsina
Make a musical pilgrimage to the New Afrika Shrine, the enduring epicentre of Afrobeat in Lagos

In Business Class Flight

Books: anything by Chinua Achebe, Ben Okri, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie or Nobel Prize winner Wale Soyinka
Music: Movies: any film from 'Nollywood', the world's third-largest film industry

Complete your visit With:

Taste: 'chop' (food), such as pepper soup and suya (spiced kebabs)
Drink: Star beer or Guinness

Words To Learn

Dash (Bribe or tip)

Known For:

The cultural powerhouse of Anglophone Africa for music, literature and artistic traditions; squandered oil wealth


By some estimates, one out of every five Africans is a Nigerian

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