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Business Class on Aegean Airlines

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In 2013, Aegean Airlines won the Best Regional Airline in Europe Award for the third consecutive time. It is one of the largest European airlines in terms of fleet size, the number of passengers carried and the number of destinations reached. It was also the first carrier in Greece to offer business class on its domestic flights.

Introduction to Aegean Airlines Business Class

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Business class on Aegean Airlines offers almost all the basic luxuries and amenities one can expect from prestigious airliners. Not to mention, the staff is extremely courteous, friendly and well-trained. Let?s find out more about Business Class in Aegean Airlines.

Aegean Airlines Business Class Seat Specifications

The first six to eight rows of the Aegean airline aircraft are dedicated to the business class section. However, depending on the bookings, some economy class passengers are also accommodated in the last two rows of the business class.

The size and dimension of the seats is enough to conveniently accommodate the passengers who require a little more space than the average. The arms are moveable as well as flexible to provide a few more inches if required. The business class Aegean Airlines seat width is 21 inches and the pitch is 33 inches. The seats are reclined just three inches at an extremely comfortable angle. The Business class Aegean Airline seats also offer three extra inches for legroom.

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Business Class Aegean Airlines Menu

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People who manage the Business class in Aegean Airlines know how to strike a positive first impression as the food is extremely well presented. The quality and quantity are also right up to the standard. For international passengers, there is a choice of two hot meals that are mainly from Greek cuisine. For domestic Aegean Airline business class passengers, there may be a cold meal, sandwich or snack, which may sound simple, but tastes extremely good. The best part of the menu is perhaps the fine wine that is offered to all Aegean Airlines business class passengers for both domestic and international flights.

Business Class Aegean Airlines In-Flight Entertainment

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Aegean Airline Business Class offers the same In-flight Entertainment System IFE that can be seen in most of the European airliners. The in-flight radio broadcasts six different music channels, both Greek and foreign. On international routes, inbound and outbound, Aegean Airlines business class passengers can also watch a newly released Hollywood movie. For those who prefer reading rather than watching, Aegean Airlines Business Class also has an In-flight magazine that covers a variety of interesting and engaging topics.

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