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Aeroflot the is still considered to be national Airlines for Russia Federation. It was Once the largest airline with a fleet size over 2,000 while 2nd the largest airline boasted just over 600. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the 49% privatization of Aeroflot has downsized their fleet and risen to the ranks of one of the top most profitable Airlines today but still carries the communist hammer and sickle on the emblem. In early 2003 Aeroflot started to plan a reorganization of Business class and first class to one cabin called Premier. I must say it is a dramatic improvement.

Aeroflot Business Class Seats

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Aeroflot Premier Business Class is a great way to fly to Russia on long haul Flights. Aeroflot has a combination of Boeings 767 and Airbus A330 with either a 2-2 seat configuration or a 2-2-2 seat configuration . The New and improved business class "Premier" with Aeroflot are on average 20" wide. The business class seats recline to a lay-flat position with an adjustable leg rest to vary your position. When in the Lay-Flat position the back rest is slightly angled up about 10 - 15 degrees compared to base or seat area but still allowing you to sleep on your side comfortably. The seat is controlled electronically and easy to use a quite responsive particularly in terms of the back rest and foot rest area. The seats on the Boeing 767 are covered in a thick leather in different shades of blue giving the cabin a strong ambiance. On the new Airbus A330 Aeroflot has went with a soft shade of orange and gray leather combination.

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In-FLight Business Class Entertainment on Aeroflot

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Aeroflot Premier Entertainment on the Airbus A330 is a pleasantly easy to use and quite comfortable. The screens are wide and the selection of entertainment is vast with audio available in most languages, the worlds latest films, international and Russian films accompanied by music videos; popular animation movies; musical albums by various performers; audio books; and interactive video games for the child with in. So you can sit back or lay down relax and before you know it you will be at your destination relaxed and ready to go. For more Reviews on Aeroflot business class we recommend the following links.

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