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business class on  British Airways

Business Class on British Airways

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business class on  British Airways

British Airways Business class is considered to be in a world class of it's own making. Hence the name Club World. From the moment you enter the airport to the moment you leave at your destination "Everything is just as you wish". Club world is held in the highest esteem for business class flights and has won numerous awards for comfort, elegance, taste and innovation. British airways business class was the first to introduce fully lay flat sleeping beds and continues to improve their business class to ensure the highest quality of service on all Boeing 747, 777, and 767 aircraft.

British Airways Business Class Seats

business class flights on  British Airways

When you sit in the British Airways Business Class seat you can leave the world behind and relax. With the touch of a button you are enclosed in your own personal and private space. So you can put your feet up and enjoy a glass of champagne. Weather you are working or just browsing the web on your laptop, a generously sized desk is available at your connivance and an in chair power plug for any electronic devices you may be using. A luxury wash bag has everything you may need including skin care products eye mask tooth brush and more to ensure a good night's rest and that you are fresh and ready at your destination.

Business Class Seat Specifacation's

Stretch out in any given position with :

- Touch button privacy screen
- 6 feet 6 inches in length
- 25 inches wide
- Memory-Foam cushon
- In-Seat Power Supply

business class flights on  British Airways

British Airways Business Class Menue for Kings

business class flights on  British Airways

Club World?s menu is inspired by some of the world?s top chefs. The Club World menu combines the finest local and international produce in a range of exquisite dishes, from contemporary to classic. Tempting options aim to satisfy every gastronome, from healthy eaters to hearty appetites. To accompany your meal, take advantage of our imaginatively selected and expertly sourced wine cellar, stocked with old and new world wines.

In-FLight Business Class Entertainment

cheap business class on  British Airways

Relax in front of a movie or listen to some of your favourite music with your 26cm (10.4 inches) personal flat-screen, noise-cancelling headphones and entertainment options. HighLife Entertainment?s Audio and Video On Demand (AVOD) system puts you in control. Choose from over 200 entertainment options and play, pause, stop, fast forward and rewind to fit in with your own schedule. You?ll also enjoy high sound quality thanks to your noise cancelling headphones. AVOD is available on all Boeing 747s and longhaul Boeing 767s and is currently being fitted to the majority of our Boeing 777 fleet.

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