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A first for British Airways, passengers are provided with personal media players preloaded with the latest music and movies that can be watched on demand. The media players are free-standing screens distributed by the flight attendants. Units can be plugged in and either stood on tray tables or clipped to a moveable arm.More Information
Each passenger will receove a personal media player, preloaded with music and movies.More Information
OnAir allows you to use your mobile phone onboard Club World London City flights, giving you access to email, text messages, and the internet, but voice calls are not permitted.OnAir is exclusive to British Airways on this route and is accessible once the aircraft has reached an altitude of 10,000 feet, which is normally about 10 minutes after take off.You will require a mobile internet account for this service and you will be billed through your network provider. Please check with your network provider to ensure that they have an agreement with OnAir and to confirm the price. At this time, passengers with US mobile service cannot use OnAir, but according to BA, T-Mobile subscribers will have access by next spring.More Information
British Airways offers a variety of complimentary food and beverages, based on the time of day and departure location. Click here for more information about food offered onboard.
Each seat has two 110V AC power port sockets, which accept UK or US plugs.Read our guide to in-seat laptop power for more information.

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