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Croatian Airlines Business Class Flights

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business class Flight on Croatian Airlines

Croatian Airlines is the national airline and flag carrier of Croatia, based in Zagreb, along with being an esteemed partner of the Star Alliance. The airline is owned by the Croatian government and was established in 1989. It operates primarily in Europe, but plans are underway to expand the operations all over the world. Croatian Airlines business class provides exemplary services to its passengers, which is why it is highly regarded as one of the best airlines operating in Europe.

Croatian Airlines Business Class Introduction

business class seat on Croatian Airlines short Haul

Croatian Airlines business class seats are designed to offer great comfort to passengers going on short haul to medium haul flights. They have top quality seats, which have been designed in Germany and with ergonomics and in-flight comfort the top priority in the design of the seat. Croatia Airline has recently revamped its entire business class seats to ensure a comfortable flight for all its passengers, and installed to the same specifications of lufthansa short haul business class. Since Croatian Airlines flights never last longer than 5 hr the differance between business and economy is the seat next to you is always empty.

Business Class Seat Specification?s

Long Haul Business Class

  • Seat pitch 34"
  • Seat width of 20".
  • Personal TV
  • Power in all seats

Short Haul Business Class

  • Seat pitch 34"
  • Seat width 20"

flights on Croatian Airlines

Croatian Airlines Business Class Menu

business class flight on Croatian Airlines

Croatian Airlines offers delicious Mediterranean as well as European cuisine on every flight, which are prepared by award winning cooks in Europe. Experience the taste of traditional Croatian cuisine, while the meals will vary according to the flight and the part of day. There is a wide selection of options in the business class menu provided by Croatia Airlines, with complimentary beveragclass-seat-display.jpg" es provided along with each meal. You also have the option of ordering special meals prepared specifically for you on your flight.

In-Flight Entertainment

cheap business class flight on Croatian Airlines

Croatian Airlines Business class flights have great options when it comes to in-flight entertainment, there is a wide variety of films, TV shows, and programs available for passengers, along with leading newspapers and magazines from all over Europe. Passengers can watch shows, listen to songs, and read in comfort on their business class flight on Croatian Airlines, and may choose their own language preferences.

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