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When Flying Overseas in Delta business class it's like flying First class on so many other airlines. You will enjoy a full flat-bed seat, in addition to direct aisle access power for your electronic devises and more private experience to make you feel more at home. Delta airlines is comited to giving you the best experience from the time you arrive at the airport to the time arrive at your destination with hundreds of Delta business class lounges that will cater to all of your needs.

Delta Business Class cuisine

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Delta Air Lines has also incorporated a gourmet dining experience into their business class offerings. The meals on board Delta business class flights are crafted by chef Michelle Bernstein and include offerings like crab cakes, roast beef, garlic herbed shrimp and sauteed salmon. They have also invested in a master sommelier, Andrea Robinson, who is in charge of the wine lists for business and first class. Pairings include a selection of red, white and sparkling vintages from France, Argentina and California, as well as a desert wine and a Portuguese tawny port.

Business Class: A space and service ideal for working on board

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Business class travelers can expect premium comfort from Delta Air Lines. For starters, they have incorporated the lie-flat seats into their fleet of 767, 777 and 747 planes. These business class suites offer open aisle seating and seats that open into fully flat beds, as well as an in-suite entertainment center. For those not flying on the select routes that have already implemented the new lie-flat seats, you can expect Delta?s traditional Business Elite seating, which consists of double-seat rows of leather chairs with large headrests and retractable tray tables.

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