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Emirates Airways is one of the most recognized and popular airline in the world. It has a long tradition of providing excellent services to people from all over the world. The airline was founded in March 1985 and operates nearly 3,000 flights a week to more than 150 cities in 74 countries around the world. It is the largest passenger airline in the Middle East and is a subsidiary of the Emirates Group in Dubai.

Introduction to Emirates Airways Business Class

Emirates business class seat

Emirates Airways are probably one of the biggest brand names in the aviation industry, and is widely regarded as being one of the leaders of the industry. The services offered by Emirates to its business class flyers are top rated in regards to service excellence and flight experience. Emirates is ranked number one in the world from the Global Airline Rankings of 2013, which states its superiority in the aviation industry.

Emirates Airways Business Class Seats

Emirates Airways places high priority in their business class seats, and includes no less than six different types of seats from which to choose from. When you fly Emirates business class, you truly are spoilt for choice. There angled and recliner seats provide the ultimate comfort when you are flying Emirates business class.

Long Haul Business Class

  • Angled Seats have a pitch between 47 inches and width of 20 inches.
  • Lie Flat business class seats have a pitch of 60 inches and width of 21 inches.
  • Laptop power and personal TV in all seats.
  • Short Haul Business Class

    • Seat pitch ranges from 45 - 47 inches.
    • Seat width ranges from 20 - 21 inches.

    business class flights on  Emirates Airways Cusine

    Emirates Airways Business Class Menu

    business class cabin on Emirates Airways

    Emirates Airways has a proud tradition of world class cuisine to their passengers, which includes the finest cuisine you could wish for, prepared by the best chefs in the world. Emirates have won innumerable awards for their in-flight business class menu that provides the ultimate dining experience match with world class service. Emirates Airways business class menu caters to all your needs by spoiling you with top quality cuisine that has made them the best in the world.

    Business Class Emirates Airways In-Flight Entertainment

    business class on Emirates Airways A380

    Emirates Airways was the first airline in the world to introduce in-flight entertainment, with personalized TV screens going way back to 1992! There is no doubt that no other airline delivers in-flight entertainment more comprehensively than Emirates, who have won the best in-flight entertainment award for their ICE system since it was introduced in 2003! Emirates deliver on all fronts when it comes to in-flight entertainment, with their ICE entertainment system, which has made them a force to be reckoned with in the aviation industry.

    Business Class Emirates Airways Amenities

    Emirates Airways amenities provide a massage function, with winged headrest and six-way movement. It also includes USB ports, overhead lighting for each seat with separate reading lights, laptop connection and 600 entertainment channels on the award winning ICE system on the biggest TV screen (17 inches) offered by none other airline in the world.

    Emirates business class bar in flight

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