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business class on Qantas Airlines

Qantas Airlines Business Class

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business class on Qantas Airlines

In Qantas Airlines Business Class, it is all about class, comfort and flexibility. Qantas Airlines has some of best cabins an airline can offer in its Business Class. The cabins are called the Sky Bed Cabins and they have seats that offer great comfort along with innovative accessories and features. The in-flight menu is highly commendable too. Along with the great in flight entertainment system, a passenger is bound to have a relaxing time throughout their journey.

Qantas Airlines Business Class Seats

business class flights on Qantas Airlines

The Sky Bed seats in business class will never let your body wear out, even on the longest flight. Whether you are watching TV, talking to other passengers, or sleeping, the flexible adjustment options let you relax in every possible position. Amenities include Peter Morisser designed pajamas (on specific flights), plus branded skin care products to keep you fresh on your journey.

Business Class Seat Specifacation's

Stretch out in any given position with :

Short Haul Flights:

- Seat length ranges from 35"-65"
- Seat width ranges from 20"-21.5"
- Personal TV and laptops on all seats except in the Boeing 737-800 (73H)

Long Haul Flights

- Seat length ranges from 35"-80"
- Seat width ranges from 20"-24"
- Airbus A380-800 (388), Airbus A380-800 (388), V2 Boeing 747-400GE, and 3-Class Boeing 747-400RR offer fully flat seats
- Personal TV and laptops on all seats

business class flights on Qantas Airlines

Business Class Menue for Qantas

business class flights on Qantas Airlines

As far as eating and drinking is concerned, the Business Class dinner menu has been created by none other than leading Australian restaurateur, Neil Perry. Moreover, the food is served on designed tableware, which adds to the luxury. You will be offered a hotel style breakfast, multicourse dinner, and option for `eat later? and `express meals?. As far as the drinks are concerned, Qantas Business Class won the 2011 Sky Awards for their wine menu!

In-flight Entertainment

cheap business class on Qantas Airlines

Finally, as part of on board entertainment in business class, you can enjoy a 10.2? touch screen along with a personal headphone to block all unwanted sounds! The screen is at your command and you can skip channels and programs and start, stop or pause at will. Each passenger also has their own phone attached to the seat so there is no waiting when you want to make a call.

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business class on Qantas Airlines

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