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Each seat has a personal TV featuring Audio Video on Demand (AVOD) with individually controlled programs and entertainment. 
Each seat has a personal TV featuring Audio Video on Demand (AVOD) with individually controlled music. 
Complimentary Wi-Fi is availble to all Business and SAS Plus flyers. Wi-Fi is also available in Economy but at a fee. 
SAS always serves complimentary coffee, tea, and water onboard regardless of the time of day.Depending on the flight, SAS Plus passengers will receive their meals free of charge. All passengers can purchase a large selection of sandwiches, meals and salads, and a variety of carbonated beverages from the SAS CloudShop, Our Café.
Bassinets: When flying to/from North America or Asia you can book a cradle/bassinet for infants up to 9 months old. The length of the cradle is 35 in/ 89 cm or 28 in/ 72 cm, depending on aircraft type. Bassinets can be placed on all Bulkheads on this aircraft. Book a bassinet at the same time as your ticket.Baby Changers: Baby changing tables are located on all aircraft, in at least one of the lavatories.Food: Infant food is available and may be requested at the time of reservation. Passengers are welcome to bring their own baby food on board. Using a Baby Car Seat: When you book a child's fare ticket for your infant, you may bring aboard an SAS-approved car seat for installation in the adjoining seat. The car seat may be of the aft or forward facing type. No part of the car seat may extend outside the passenger seat. Maximum dimensions: horizontally 25 in/65 cm, height 18 in/45 cm.
Each Business and SAS Plus seat has an AC power port, while power ports are shared between every two seats in Economy. Read our guide to in-seat laptop power for more information.

Sas economy seat
The total Length of your seat: 31-32
Seat Width: 17.3
178 standard seats with 6" recline

Sas economy plus seat
The total Length of your seat: 38
Seat Width: 18.3
56 standard seats with 7" recline

Sas business class seat
The total Length of your seat: 77/77
Seat Width: 23-24
32 flat bed seats with 180 degree recline

Sas First class seat

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