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SAS Airlines offers a variety of audio selections.
Wi-Fi is available on select 737-800 aircraft in the SAS fleet.   SAS Plus Passengers: FreeAll EuroBonus Members: FreeSas Go passengers who are not yet EuroBonus Members: €8 for flights in the Nordic region and €12 for flights in Europe
SAS always serves complimentary coffee, tea, and water onboard regardless of the time of day. On domestic flights in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, SAS offers breakfast on flights departing from 6-9am. After 9am and throughout the rest of the day, passengers can purchase a large selection of sandwiches, meals and salads, and a variety of carbonated beverages from the SAS CloudShop, Our Café.
Bassinets: Bassinets are available on most of the SAS flights. These may be requested at the time of reservation.Baby changers: Baby changing tables are located on all aircraft, in at least one of the lavatories.Food: Infant food is available and may be requested at the time of reservation. Passengers are welcome to bring their own baby food on board.

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