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Business Class on Swiss Airways

business class on Swiss Airways

Fly Business and enjoy the unique Swiss service and reach your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed. the new Swiss Business Class seats come equipped as 2 meter fully horizontal bed with intergraded massage functions. With the new 1-2-1 seat configuration you will always have access to the aisle and restrooms. Business class seats are 20.5" or 52.1 cm. A brand new air pillow system adjustable firmness to maximize your comfort level.

Business Class In-Flight Entertainment on Swiss

cheap business class seats on Swiss Airways

The Business Class in-flight entertainment system will keep you engaged from the moment you get on the plane to the moment you touch down. Forget about fiddling with remotes, the 12.1" widescreen TVs are touch screen and are perfect for watching the latest movies, TV series and sports action. And if you're feeling competitive, there's a huge range of games to choose from. All your entertainment will be enhanced with Active noise cancelling headphones to ensure crisp, clear sound. Business Class to Europe

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