People's Republic of China

Currency: CNY
Calling Code: 86
Capital: Beijing
Region: Asia
Subregion: Eastern Asia
Languages: cmn : Mandarin
Area 9706961


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From the Great wall of china visable from space to thousand of unique terracotta soldiers of the first chinese emperor. Hand crafted one by one in the likeness of each soldier. Visit the forbiden city Forbidan city of China where Emporors lived like Gods. China has so much to offer for so little. The exchange rate and local prices are great for students to travel. China is a massive growing country great for a business trip to help develope your in every aspect of your business for a cheap price.

Best Time to Fly Business Class to China

March to May and September to November

Tourist Atractions

The Great Wall - you can't actually see it from space, however it's just as impressive close up
Lavish palaces in the Forbidden City and tiny courtyard homes in Beijing's hutongs (narrow alleyways)
The six thousand sculpted faces of Xi'an's terracotta warriors
Silk Road relics and sifting sands in the empty wilds of Xinjiang
T'ai chi practitioners moving silently in unison in parks across China

Popular Activities

Take a 'hard class' train journey across China to grasp the scale of this enormous country
Climb a karst mountain in the scenic traveller hangout of Yangshuo

Complete your visit With:

Taste:a banquet fit for an emperor on one of Beijing's 'food streets'
Stroll past the kite flyers and colonial office buildings on Shanghai's Bund

In Flight

Books: Wild Swans by Jung Chang and The Search for Modern China by Jonathan Spence for insights into China's tumultuous last century
Music: to the dissonant melodies of Chinese opera - skip the touristy shows in Beijing for the real deal in Chengdu
Movies: Zhang Zimou's Raise the Red Lantern or Fei Mu's Spring in a Small Town and marvel at the wistful beauty of Chinese film-making

Complete your visit With:

Taste:the fiery cuisine of Sichuan - flavoured with 'flower pepper', an incendiary spice unrelated to chillies or black pepper
Drink:cha (tea) at a traditional teahouse - leaves are rolled, brewed and roasted to create an astonishing variety of brews

Words To Learn

Chi fanle ma? (Have you eaten yet?)

Known For:

Chopsticks; calligraphy; the Cultural Revolution; t'ai chi; green tea; acupuncture; state censors; the Olympic Games; unchecked development; the ghosts of Tiananmen and Tibet


Among other things, the Chinese invented paper, printing, gunpowder, the compass and the umbrella

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