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Guangzhou is very foreign-oriented city. It is the main city in China where the foreign trade is conducted. Guangzhou is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China due to its culture and history, beautiful scenery and nice weather.

cheap business class to guangzhou

It is a long journey to Guangzhou from the majority of cities in the United States that is why it can be pertinent to think hard about getting a business class flight to Guangzhou. Business class seats will bring you much more comfort when you are on the plane during the flight.

However many people think that business class tickets to Asia are very expensive. Yet the chance that you will find great discounts on business class flights to China is very high, you need to look for them at the right place, or to be more exact on the right website. If you cannot find a cheap business class flight to Guangzhou on the airline website, you should call an airline?s consolidator to save enormously. Our job is to find you the best discount on business class flights and save you thousands of dollars and your precious time. WaytoFly has exclusive contracts with airlines and they can get you a great deal on business class flight to Guangzhou and other numerous destinations.

People usually travel to Guangzhou for business or if they want to explore the history of the city and China as well. There are many things to do and see in Guangzhou: The Tomb Museum, the oldest and the largest museum in China some elements of which are built with jade, silver, gold and copper; Chen Clan Temple is built in the traditional Chinese style and hosts a lot of objects of folk Art and Culture; Sacred Heart Church is the Roman Catholic Cathedral situated in the centre of Old Town; Baiyan Mountain is located in the northern outskirts of Guangzhou and got its name that means "white cloud" due to a forming of a white cloud around the mountain peaks; Lotus Hill is known for its beauty and the legend about the Goddess of Mercy , the statue of which is in the centre of the sight.

Along with the museums, famous landmarks, and architectural structures there are plenty of parks and gardens where one can relax in tranquil and spiritual atmosphere. Yuexiu Park, named after the Yuexiu Mountain was built in 1952; the Orchid Garden of an unusual design is situated near Yuexiu Park; it is small but carries around 200 different species of orchids.

How to Get to Downtown Guangzhou from the Airport

There are several ways to get to downtown Guangzhou from the airport: by bus, by subway, or by taxi.

To Guangzhou By Bus

There are several bus routes that can take you from the airport to downtown. They run from 7:00 till last flight. They operate every 15-60 minutes; travel time is 60 minutes; the fare is 20 RMB.

To Guangzhou By Subway

Guangzhou subway was finished in 2011 so it can run from the airport. Line 3 of the subway can take you to downtown in 40 minutes. The Subway operates from 06:00 till 23:00; single fare is 12 RMB.

To Guangzhou By Taxi

Taxi will take you downtown in 45 minutes. The traffic is not as bad as in Beijing or Hong Kong, be ready to pay around 120 RMB.

China has something to offer to everybody that is why it still withholds the No 1 position as the most visited tourist country. Moreover, cheap business class tickets to Asia from WaytoFly are as good as you can find online. It goes without saying that flying in business class to Guangzhou will bring you a lot of pleasure and relief. Fly in business class with WaytoFly because cheap business class tickets to Guangzhou are available with us and China City Tours Large variety of China city tours, Sightseeing tours of China's top travel destinations


Baiyun Intl

City : Guangzhou
Country : China
Latitude : 23.392436
Longitude : 113.298786
Altitude : 50
Timezone : 8
CountryCode: CN
continent: AS
Airport Size : large
Airport type : airport

Guangzhou South Railway Station

City : Guangzhou
Country : China
Latitude : 22.990081
Longitude : 113.270631
Altitude : 1
Timezone : 8
CountryCode: CN

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