Currency: GEL
Calling Code: 995
Capital: Tbilisi
Region: Asia
Subregion: Western Asia
Languages: kat : Georgian
Area 69700


Business Class to Georgia

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Georgia is the country situated in th Caucasus with huge mountain chains, wine, hopitality, old traditions and culture. The geographic location at the Black Sea gives Georgia nice mild climate which makes it easy to travel to Georgia any time of the year. Georgians are known for doing everything "with the heart". The feasts that they have in their home, the way they say toasts, dance and sing. Even they way they do business. it less formal but full of emotions. The first meeting is all about seeing whether the business with each other is possible. The topic of converstaion constantly shifts from prfessional to personal level, however it is a part of Georgian culture and traditions. Remember this when you fly in business class to Georgia.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

April to October

Tourist Atractions

Trip along Georgian Military Road where you can enjoy spectecular panorama of the mountains including the highest mountain of Georgia, Mt Kazbek
Tbilisi, the beating heart of the Caucasus,a city of elegance, markets,and off-beat nightlife
The wild, alluring border provinces of Svaneti, Tusheti and Khevsureti, so remote that pagan traditions persist
Old Christain Orthodox Church that was built in the 1st century and restered recently
The wine region of Kakheti, make sure to go wine tasting once you are there

Popular Activities

Raise a glass of red whine to the hwalth of the host of the house
Explore numerous of mountain trecks and enjoy marvellous landscapes of Georgia
Appraise the alienated life in the secluded cave monasteries of Davit Gareja and Vardzia
Have a good time in Batumi, Georgia's 'summer capital' on the steamy Black Sea coast

In Flight

Books: The Hero of Our Time by Mikhail Lermontov. The best description og Gergia in favourite classics
Music: Traditional Geprgian music performed by traditional musical instruments
Movies Pesvebi by Guguli Mgeladze will help you to understand a Georgian soul

Complete your visit With:

Taste: khachapuri (cheese pie), delicious meats and stews always cleverly spiced and flavoured with walnut paste,
Drink Kindzmarauli and Hvanchkara are a must

Word To Learn

Gaumarjos (Cheers)

Known For:

Chain of mountains; Joseph Stalin; architecture, fabulous views.


The native people of Georgia call themselves Kartvelebi

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