Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China

Currency: HKD
Calling Code: 852
Capital: City of Victoria
Region: Asia
Subregion: Eastern Asia
Languages: eng : English zho : Chinese
Area 1104


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Hong Kong Island is situated in the east of Asia and is separated from mainland by a natural border of the harbor. As other main cities in China, Hong Kong is very contrastive. It combines off-beat skyscrapers and traditional temples, innumerable tranquil islands and fast pace temper of the financial part of the city also known as Central. Hong Kong is known for its shopping vistas which is another reason to visit the country. If you are flying to Hong Kong you should probably think carefully about Business Flights to Hong Kong for your journey since travel to Hong Kong from most cities in the US takes a long period of time. Flying in a Business class seats to Hong Kong will improve the quality of your travel experience greatly and make your flight pleasant and comfortable. Many people are under the impression that  business class tickets to Hong Kong are very high priced. There is a very high chance that you can find great business class discounts, it depends on where you look for them. If you cannot find a cheap flight to Hong Kong on airline's websites, you can always call Waytofly and save thousands off published fares. Way To Fly has hundreds of contracts with airlines and we can get you the cheapest Deal on Business class flight to Hong Kong and numerous other destinations. do a simple search on our website or give us a call.


cheap business class to Hong Kong

Hong Kong can be thought of the biggest city in China. The Hong Kong stock exchange is practicly the center of Asia's finacial intetution. Skyscrapers blast out of this island in every possible inch. This is the New York of asia.The streets in hong Kong are teeming with business men and women and just walikng down the street can be dificult. Despite the unmistakably Chinese atmosphere, Hong Kong's outlook is very open, the internet here is not under China's iron fire wall so you can surf any site you feel like, the action is centred on Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, with their bustling bargin deals shopping, however Hong Kong has peaceful beaches and jungle on smaller islands nearby.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

October to December (to avoid the rains)

Tourist Atractions

Stanley Market
Swaying cable car at Ocean Park
Tian Tan Buddha statue on Lantau Island
The Symphony of Light show on Hong Kong Island

Popular Activities

Victoria Peak on the Peak Tram
Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour
Lantau Island or Sai Kung Country Park
Rooftop bar in Kowloon

How to Get to Downtown from the Airport

Hong Kong offers a wide range of public transportation to tourists: train, bus, ferry or taxi.

By Train

The Mass Transit Railway?s Airport Express (MTR) is the fastest link between the airport and the Kowloon and Hong Kong station that takes only 24 minutes of travel time. From these stations there is a free shuttle available to main hotels in Hong Kong. Both of these services provide free rides for major airlines.

By Bus

There are 11 convenient Airbus A lines that can take you to numerous destinations in Hong Kong and its suburbs. The fare is from 15-48 HKD depends on the destination. They operate from 06:00 till midnight. Approximate travel time is about an hour.

By Ferry

Ferry can take you to any surrounding area of Hong Kong for 30-90 minutes. In a majority of cases you don?t have to go through the customs.

By Taxi

Taxis are waiting for you outside the arriving terminals. A taxi will take you to the center of the city in 30-40 minutes for 300-400 HKD

China has something to offer to everybody that is why it still withholds the No 1 position as the most visited tourist country. Moreover, cheap business class tickets to Asia from WaytoFly are as good as you can find online. It goes without saying that flying in business class to Hong Kong will bring you a lot of pleasure and relief. Fly in business class with WaytoFly because cheap business class tickets to Hong Kong are available with us.

In Flight

Books: Tai-Pan; or The Piano Teacher
Music: Four Heavenly Kings
Movies: A Better Tomorrow;Infernal Affairs; Police Story

Complete your visit With:

Taste: dim sum
Drink: green tea, bubble tea with tapioca 'pearls' or yuanyang

Words To Learn

Yum cha (the act of feasting on dim sum)

Known For:

Skyscrapers; double-decker buses; shopping sprees; that skyline; the Peak Tram; Jackie Chan; Chinese New Year; dim sum banquets


In Hong Kong, wives are legally allowed to kill adulterous husbands, so long as they only use their bare hands

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