Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Currency: KPW
Calling Code: 850
Capital: Pyongyang
Region: Asia
Subregion: Eastern Asia
Languages: kor : Korean
Area 120538


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cheap business class to Korea

 Korea is between Japan and China and has made much progress from the war in the 1950. They have had many scientific breakthroughs and created a whole new market for gizmos and gadgets. The Korean market is a great place to buy all kinds of different electronics and cell phones. Korea was one of the first contrys to have video chat on cell phones without any assistance of wifi. Travellers often like to explore this modern corner of Asia for it's futureistic outlook on Life. South Korea also many castles and national park where escape the city and visit nature . Koreans are well known for their national pride and great BBQ .

Best Time To Fly Business Class

September to November, for spectacular autumn colours

Tourist Atractions

Markets, museums,  city gates of the capital, Seoul
Gyeongju for it's Asian Antiquity
Mountains, hot springs, Spa's and temples at Seoraksan National Park
Royal Mausoleums at Gongju and Buyeo

Popular Activities

Busan's fish market
Seoul's Mapo-gu shoping district
Jirisan National Park
The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

In Flight

Books: Park Kyung-ni's Toji
Music:  musical story-telling, often described as the Korean equivalent of the blues
Movies: Kwak Jae-yong's romantic-visitdy smash Yeopgijeogin geunyeo 

Complete your visit With:

Taste: kimchi and galbi 
Drink: soju or bori cha

Words To Learn

Kamsamida (thank you)

Known For:

Korean barbecues; taekwondo; ginseng; kimchk hot spa, DMZ


Koreans are well known for their technological know-how - more than half of Koreans pay all their bills using their mobile phones

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