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Singapore is one of the most popular tourist gateways. It is surrounded by more than 50 isles that offer a plethora of exotic attractions. Singapore is one of the main oil-refining and distributing centers which make it not only a popular tourist hub, but also a lot of opportunities for business.

It is a long journey to Singapore from the majority of cities in the United States that is why it can be pertinent to think hard about getting a business class flight to Asia. Business class seats will bring you much more comfort when you are on the plane during the flight. However many people think that business class tickets to Singapore are very expensive. Yet the chance that you will find great discounts on business class flights to Singapore is very high, you need to look for them at the right place, or to be more exact on the right website. If you cannot find a cheap business class flight to Singapore on the airline website, you should call an airline?s consolidator to save enormously. Our job is to find you the best discount on business class flights and save you thousands of dollars and your precious time. WaytoFly has exclusive contracts with airlines and they can get you a great deal on business class flight to Singapore and other numerous destinations.

Singapore is a fusion of numerous cultures and ethnicities. You can explore Little India with sikh mosques; China Town that hosts many Chinese cultural elements; Geylang Serai, Kampong Glam.

The wildlife of the country arouses tourist interest greatly. The Singapore Zoo where you can see a python and orang utan; Jurong Bird Park is a home to more than 600 species of birds. Don?t forget to check out the Butterfly Park and admire the collection of rare butterflies. For those who like water activities the underwater world exploration will be a real adventure. Spend the whole day diving and snorkeling along the isles. At night there are different entertainments like night safari where you will see tigers, leopards and lions. Singapore is good to travel to whether you are on your own, with friends or family.

How to Get to Downtown Singapore from the Airport

There are several ways to get to the central part of Singapore from Changi airport: by train, by bus, or by taxi.

By Train

Singapore Changi Airport belongs to MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) network. Trains run every 10-15 minutes from 05:30 till 23:00. Travel time is 30 minutes, single ride fare is $1.60, plus a $1 deposit for an electronic ticket.

By Bus

There are several routes that can take you from the airport to downtown or any other destinations. SBS 36 line will take you to the central part of the Singapore in about an hour. Single fare is $2.00; buses operate from 06:11 till 23:00.

There are numerous shuttle services as well. They have certain routs, but mainly they run to downtown. The single fare is $9.00, travel time is 45 minutes.

By Taxi

Taxi ride will take only 20-30 minutes; single fare is $16-24.

Singapore has something to offer to everybody that is why it still withholds the No 1 position as the most visited tourist country. Moreover, cheap business class tickets to Singapore from WaytoFly are as good as you can find online. It goes without saying that flying in business class to Asia will bring you a lot of pleasure and relief. Fly in business class with WaytoFly because cheap business class tickets to Singapore are available with us.



City : Singapore
Country : Singapore
Latitude : 1.41695
Longitude : 103.867653
Altitude : 36
Timezone : 8
CountryCode: SG
continent: AS
Airport Size : medium
Airport type : airport

Changi Intl

City : Singapore
Country : Singapore
Latitude : 1.350189
Longitude : 103.994433
Altitude : 22
Timezone : 8
Website :
CountryCode: SG
continent: AS
Airport Size : large
Airport type : airport

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