Republic of Uzbekistan

Currency: UZS
Calling Code: 998
Capital: Tashkent
Region: Asia
Subregion: Central Asia
Languages: rus : Russian uzb : Uzbek
Area 447400


Business Class to Uzbekistan

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Any Silk Road romantic who's daydreamed of travelling the Golden Road to Samarkand or the desert tracks to Bukhara will already have their sights firmly set on Uzbekistan. As the cultural and historic heart of Central Asia, the country's Islamic architecture of floating turquoise domes and towering minarets easily ranks among the region's greatest sights, while in the foreground old men with white beards and stripy cloaks haggle over melons in the bazaar or savour a pot of green tea beside a crackling kebab stand. Despite an authoritarian government and strong police presence, travel through this essential slice of the Silk Road is hassle-free and dripping with epic history at every turn.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

March to May, September to October

Tourist Atractions

Samarkand's Registan Square, one of the world's great architectural ensembles
Shah-i-Zinda, Samarkand, a necropolis that marks the highpoint of Timurid tilework
The old slave-raiding walled city of Khiva, frozen in time and surrounded by desert o The History Museum of the Uzbek People, Tashkent, a walk through the Central Asian past
The scattering of ruined palaces built by Timur (Tamerlane) in his hometown of Shakrisabz

Popular Activities

Explore the desert citadels of Khorezm, overnighting en route in a desert yurt
Haggle for carpets, embroidery and striped silks in backstreet bazaars
Ride the beautiful Tashkent metro, while dodging a shake-down by the local police
Get lost in the mosques, mausolea and madrasas of Bukhara's backstreets

In Flight

Books: Peter Hopkirk's The Great Game, to gem up on the region's imperial shenanigans
Music: to Yol Raisin, by world-music diva Severe Nazarakhan; or try something by the Tashkent taxi cab favourite Yulduz Usmanova
Movies: Michael Winterbottom's Murder in Samarkand, starring Steve Coogan as the controversial British ambassador sidelined by his own government

Complete your visit With:

Taste: a round of shashlyk kebabs; shorpa (soup of boiled mutton with potato, carrot and turnip) or p/ov (rice, meat and carrots)
Drink: kok choy (green tea) at a traditional teahouse, returning the tea to the pot twice to let it brew, just as the locals do

Words To Learn

Yol boisin (May your travels be free of obstacles)

Known For:

Timur; shashlyk; blue-domed mosques; minarets; political repression; desert; ploy; cotton; the Silk Road; skullcaps; white beards; the Aral sea disaster


Uzbekistan is only one of two countries in the world to be double land-locked (ie two countries away from the sea)

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