Republic of Austria

Currency: EUR
Calling Code: 43
Capital: Vienna
Region: Europe
Subregion: Western Europe
Languages: bar : Austro-Bavarian German
Area 83871


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Austria is a country of contrast with its dramatic rise of Alps and blooming meadows of the Danube Valley. Austria is a popular tourist place due to to its historical architecture, breathtaking museums and galleries, wonderful ski resorts and panoramic view on the mountains. It is a motherland of great talents: Mozart and Schubert, Sigmund Freud and Ferdinand Porsche. Vienna is the heart of the country and the largest city in Austria. It is the cradle of its culture and history, while many other citys are wrapped in the national heritage of the country as well. Whether you're a culture lover or a great- outdoors fan, Austria is a country where everyone will enjoy themselves.

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Tourist Atractions

Belvedere Palace Osterreichishce Galerie Belvedere) is located in the heart of Vienna, is Austria?s most famous art gallery that hosts world known der Kuss (The Kiss) which was painted by Gustav Klimt. The former royal residence in Vienna and a tourist magnet nowadays. The palace hosts luxurious appartments, chappel, church, library, the Winterretschule and numerous museums that are housed in 2000 rooms. Small paradise of Salzburg is one of the most visited places in Austria. It is famous for its prestine beauty of the nature, old town part in the centre of the city, arts and culture. Innsbruck is a famous ski resort and the home of the first Winter Olympics 2012. Eisriesen, the world's unique phenomenon made by ice and rock.

Popular Activities

Nobody will be bored in Vienna, there is an entertainment for evryone: music, museums, galleries, and theatre.
Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna has the finest collection of arts in the world.
On a sunny day take a trip to Schonbrunn Palace; the interior of the palace is as overwhelming as the exterior. Audio tour is available in different languages.
Visit the ski resorts during the winter time: striking scenery, high-level service, outstanding quality

In Flight

Books: short stories by Franz Kafka; might be difficult to read due to the abscense of the distinct paragraphs but gives you a good picture on the history of the country.
Music: classical: Mazart, Schubert, Beethoven, and Haydn
Movies Funny Games, the action is set in Austria so you can enjoy nice background scenes.

Complete your visit With:

Taste: Wiener Schnitzel, a traditional Austrian dish made with boneless meat, coated in breadcrumbs and fried; Apfelstrudel; Powidl a thick sweet and spicy jam made from plums.
Drink Austrian coffee; hot chocolate; Aimdudler, is an Austrian soft drink based on mountain herbs and with a flavour reminiscent of elderflower beverages

Word To Learn

Gruss Gott (Hello)

Known For:

Mozart; apple strudel; Strauss waltzes;ski resorts ; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Freud;


The sewing machine was invented in Austria in 1818

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