Republic of Belarus

Currency: BYR
Calling Code: 375
Capital: Minsk
Region: Europe
Subregion: Eastern Europe
Languages: bel : Belarusian rus : Russian
Area 207600


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Widely hailed as 'the last dictatorship in Europe', Belarus Is at first glance a country deeply in touch with the USSR circa 1974. This is the land of Soviet- style architecture, state-run media and a centralised economy that ensures every supermarket carries the same bland assortment of goods. Despite the hardships, Belarusians still find cause for animation: traditional folk singing and dancing features prominently on the calendar, and the performing arts remain a national treasure. Belarusians are also among the most generous and warm-hearted of people and relish life's simple pleasures: weekends spent at the dacha (summer country house); mushroom picking among birch groves; steaming away at the banya (bathhouse); or lingering over memorable, all-day feasts at a friend's home.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

May to September

Tourist Atractions

Minsk with its mix of Soviet-era glower, clubs and top-notch theatre and dance Wild bison (and 55 other mammal species) plus 600-year-old oak trees at Belavezhskaja Pushcha National Park, the oldest wildlife refuge in Europe The stunning Brest Fortress, a Soviet WWII memorial that commemorates Soviet resistance against the German invasion Dudutki, a reconstructed 19th-century Belarusian village with craft-making exhibits, horse riding and local delicacies, including samagon (moonshine)

Popular Activities

Follow the masochistic recipe for good health at a Belarusian bathhouse: sit in a steam room, beat yourself with damp twigs, dunk yourself in icy water, repeat Wander the atmospheric old neighbourhoods of Vitsebsk, birthplace of native son Marc Chagall, one of the great masters of 20th-century art Explore the vast swath of marshes, swampland and floodplains of the seemingly haunted Pripyatsky National Park

In Flight

Books: Home Fires: Stories by Writers from Byelorussia, edited by Elvina Moroz, a collection of short stories by some of the country's finest prose stylists Music: to the vaguely apocalyptic improvisations of Knyaz Myshkin, a Minsk-based band Movies Viktar Dashuk's Report From the Rabbit Hutch, an investigation into the disappearance of President Lukashenko critics

Complete your visit With:

Taste: solyanka (meat, potato and pickled vegetable soup); and draniki (potato pancakes) Drink kvass (an elixir made of malt, flour, sugar, mint and fruit)

Word To Learn

Vitayu (Hello)

Known For:

Onion-domed churches; mountain villages; potatoes; snow; fur hats; monasteries; radioactive countryside (near Chornobyl)


Many Belarusian folk-remedies involve vodka: gargle with it to cure a sore throat, wash your hair with it to alleviate dandruff and pour it in your ear to treat an earache

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