Republic of Bulgaria

Currency: BGN
Calling Code: 359
Capital: Sofia
Region: Europe
Subregion: Eastern Europe
Languages: bul : Bulgarian
Area 110879


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Surrounded by more famous neighbours - Greeks, Turks, even Romanians have their Transylvania myths - Bulgaria is the last Eastern European country on a top-to-bottom trip across the region, and well worth some investigation. Its snowcapped mountains offer cheap ski slopes, its Black Sea beaches (at spots) some of the most Isolated beaches in Europe, and villages' 19th- century revival-era architecture the most atmospheric bases. Now part of the EU, Bulgaria still half looks back to traditions like sheep yoghurt stands, traditional music (on TV nightly, sometimes on every channel), ancient Thracian and Roman sites, and around 160 Bulgarian Orthodox monasteries, many of which survived 800 years living under the 'yoke' of Ottoman rule.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

May and June, September and October

Tourist Atractions

The hilltop Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo Jagged rocks sticking above the walled Kaleto Fortress in Belogradchik The 2000-year-old Roman amphitheatre in the heart of Old Plovdiv The bluff-top ruins looking over the Black Sea at Kaliakra Cape Mountain-framed Rila Monastery

Popular Activities

Sip Melnik's unique 'hangover-free wine' from Shestaka, the six-fingered man Explore Thracian ruins, like the mountain-top site at Perperikon

Complete your visit With:

Taste: a 'Bulgarian breakfast': an espresso, a banitsa (cheese pastry) and (usually) a cigarette Learn Cyrillic - it's a Bulgarian invention Search out undeveloped (or less developed) Black Sea beaches, like those south of Sinemorets

In Flight

Books: about Paul Theroux's problems with eating in Sofia in his classic Great Railway Bazaar; Ivan Ilchev's The Rose of the Balkans, a recent historical overview Music: traditional music with the gaida (Bulgarian bagpipe) or the polarising Serbian-style disco chalga Movies Under the Same Sky, an award-winning film of the Sofia International Film Festival about a 15-year-old girl who goes in search of her father

Complete your visit With:

Taste: cool tarator (yoghurt soup with cucumber) to beat summer temperatures; or hearty kavarma stews to warm up in winter


local wines that utilise local grapes like the mavrud or rubin in the birthplace of the god of wine (Dionysus)

Word To Learn

Oshte bira molya (Another beer please)

Known For:

Yoghurt; Cyrillic alphabet; Black Sea beaches; budget ski slopes; shaking your head 'yes' and nodding it 'no'; kashta (traditional) taverns; pizzas with ketchup


Bulgaria is a leading exporter of rose oil and the world's fifth-largest exporter of wine

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