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Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and one of the most appealing cities in Europe. It is divided into two parts by the river Moldau (the Vltava), however originally it was made of five independent parts which are still distinguished as the districts of Prague: Hradcany (the Castle Area), Mala Strana (Lesser Quarter), Stare Mesto (Old Town), Nove Mesto (New Town) and Josefov (Jewish Quarter). People come to Prague every day to explore its historical and cultural treasures.

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Things To See In Prague

Prague has very many places to see; usually the first sight to see for tourists is Stare Mesto with its magnificent architecture and Enormous clock. Hradcany (Castle Area) was built in the 14th century; there is a collection of churches and monasteries that have a deep history. There are breathtaking panoramas of the Old Town and Lesser Quarter. Josefov is a former Jewish ghetto and nowadays Jewish community that has a very sad history. Letna, Holesovice, and Troja are three charming spots where you can observe people playing tennis and soccer and other outdoor sports. Mala Strana (Lesser Quarter) was established in 1287; it is an area with asymmetrical architecture; it is a neighborhood of embasses, Czech government offices, historical landmarks and art galleries. Nove Mesto (New Town) and Vysehrad is a very dynamic area built in Romantic and renaissance styles. Prazsky Hrad (Prague Castle) is a cluster of castles that were built in between 10th and 20th centuries; Kralovsky palace is a center of political power nowadays.

How to Get to Downtown Prague from Ruzyne International Czech Republic Airport

There several ways to get to the central part of the city from the airport by public transportation: bus, taxi and shuttle services.

By Bus

The easiest and the cheapest way to get to downtown Prague is by bus. It costs 32-50 CZK per ride, plus you will also have to pay 13CZK per a piece of luggage. The bus service can take you to the main station in the center of the city; if you need to get to a different destination you can take metro from there. Bus 119 takes off every 7-20 minutes; travel time is 23 minutes. It operates from 4:15 till 00:10. At night there is bus 510 that runs every 30 minutes from 00:10 till 04:15. However you need to transfer to a tram that will take you downtown in 10 minutes.

By Taxi

Taxi can take you to downtown Prague in 25-30 minutes, maximum in 40, depends on traffic. AAA Radiotaxi is known for its good service. Expect to pay 500-600 CZH per a ride.

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The largest city of the Czech Republic, Prague, is also its capital. Prague has long been considered by scholars as a cultural, political and economic center of Europe-especially central Europe-during its 1,100 year longevity. This makes it a truly historical city. And it is this rich history that makes it particularly attractive to travelers. Business class airfare deals to Prague from make this trip very affordable. In Prague many top attractions compete for a traveler's attention and dedication. Some absolutely must-visit attractions include: Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter, the Lennon Wall, and Pet?in hill. Since 1992, this city's historic center has been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. The Prague Castle is the largest castle in the world-according to Guinness World Records-and rises above the city with captivating panoramas. Also within the castle is St. Vitus Cathedral with its lookout tower, the Castle Picture Gallery, several museums and palaces and the famous Royal Garden. Ready to book your flight? Business class cheap tickets to Prague: always find the best rates here with us. The Presidential Guard and the changeover of the guards each hour are also very enjoyable pastimes. Old Town is also a must-see. This is Prague's truly historic heart with numerous old buildings and monuments- notably the famed Astronomical Clock, the pure GothicTyn Church, the mural-covered Storch building and the Jan Hus monument. Nearby is the Estate Theatre-a neoclassical theatrical hall where Mozart's opera Don Giovanni was first performed. Old Town features a plethora of historical churches as well as other interesting buildings-including Old Town Hall. Traveling around Prague is best experienced by taking the tram, bus or walking. Avoid taxis as they are expensive. The city is known as a "walkable" city, so it's a good idea to experience the old and new city by foot. Visitors can handily walk from Wenceslas Square to the Old Town Square or from the Old Town to Charles Bridge and the Castle District. Dining in Prague is a bit unique. Lunch is traditionally the laregest meal in Prague. Czech cuisine is built around pork or beef with starchy sides such as dumplings, potatoes, or fries. Fish is not that popular. Czech desserts entice one with fruit dumplings, crepes or ice cream. Most restaurants are crowded during lunch and dinner, so it is a good idea to make a reservation or eat earlier than locals. A visit to a pub is treat in Prague. There are pubs throughout the city and they are an important cultural expression of Prague life. When in the city it is customary-especially at beer halls-to sit with other people if there are no free tables. This makes the pub scene a unique part of their culture and gives travelers a true Prague experience. Business class airline deals to Prague from make this vacation or business trip possible in style. Business class cheap flights to rague: book with us and save money.



City : Prague
Country : Czech Republic
Latitude : 50.100833
Longitude : 14.26
Altitude : 1247
Timezone : 1
Website :
CountryCode: CZ
continent: EU
Airport Size : large
Airport type : airport

Praha hlavni nadrazi

City : Prague
Country : Czech Republic
Latitude : 50.0826892098189
Longitude : 14.4350297593689
Altitude : 691
Timezone : 1
CountryCode: CZ

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