Republic of Finland

Currency: EUR
Calling Code: 358
Capital: Helsinki
Region: Europe
Subregion: Northern Europe
Languages: fin : Finnish swe : Swedish
Area 338424


Business Class to Finland

Europe    Helsinki

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Nordic stillness in a lakeside cottage, lingering summer sunshine on convivial beer terraces, avant-garde Helsinki design and cafes warm with cinnamon aromas are just the beginning of Suomi seduction. Finland has long been regarded as the least prominent, and the most quirky and enigmatic, of the Nordic countries. It is, for the most part, a land of tranquillity: a vast expanse of forests and lakes - there's something pure in the Finnish air and spirit that draws you out of doors all year round. Then afterwards it's to the sauna, one of the most essential elements of Finnish culture. Share a sauna with locals and you're on your way to discovering the true meaning of life, Suomi-style.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

May to September to avoid the dark and cold, or December to February for snow, Santa and the northern lights

Tourist Atractions

Summer beer terraces sprouting all over Helsinki at the first hint of summer
The mesmerising aurora borealis (northern lights) flit across the winter sky
Opera performances at the Savonlinna Castle during the July opera festival
Christmas commercialism at the Santa Claus Village, north of Rovaniemi

Popular Activities

Join in one of the off-beat festivals like the wife-carrying or air-guitar world championships
Sweat it out in the world's largest smoke sauna in Kuopio, interspersed with dips in the lake
Get pulled through the snow by a team of huskies (or reindeer) in Lapland
Poke around Helsinki's harbourside kauppatori (marketplace) in search of local delicacies

In Flight

Books: the Moomin children's books by Tove Jansson - stories of a family of lovable trolls that resemble hippopotamuses
Music: the classical music of revered composer Jean Sibelius; or for a change of pace, the hard rock of Eurovision-winning Lordi
Movies Aki Kaurismaki's Man Without a Past or Leningrad Cowboys Go America!; Sauna, a horror film set in the 16th century

Complete your visit With:

Taste: fish (herring, whitefish); reindeer stew; Lapland cloudberries and lingonberries

coffee (Finns are the world's biggest coffee drinkers), or salmiakkikossu - a handmade spirit combining dissolved liquorice sweets with vodka

Word To Learn

Onko sauna lammin? (Is your sauna warm?)

Known For:

Architect and designer Alvar Aalto; Formula One racing drivers; Marimekko designs, Nokia, Santa Claus village, sauna.


Finns invented text messaging.

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