Federal Republic of Germany

Currency: EUR
Calling Code: 49
Capital: Berlin
Region: Europe
Subregion: Western Europe
Languages: deu : German
Area 357114


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Cities In Germany

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Germany has one of the highest level of education, technological development and economic productivity. The population of Germany is very diverse. Along with Germans there are a lot of Turkish descendent people, the so-called "guest workers" generation. The country has a very long, controversal and very interesting history and very rich heritage. Germans love to have fun, that is why one can find an explonation to their love to various street fairs, parades and parties. During these fests one can try their national cuisine and drinks. The distinctive trait of German character is punctuality, keep that in mind if you fly business class to Geramny for a conference or a meeting.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

June to August (summer) for beer gardens at their best; March to May (spring) and September to November (autumn) for fewer crowds and mostly mild weather

Sight Seeing In Germany

If you fly business class to Germany for an extended time period you should take the time to see the country. The German People have a rich Bavarian heritage. The primary exports in Germany are Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, pharmaceutical research, and Beer. Germany is know around the world for it's great assortment of beers. It is no surprise that the countries most known celebration is Oktoberfest, which is a beer drinking holiday. Germany today is also well know for having the wildest clubs and night life in the world. Germans were also the inventers of the highway system. The Autobahn surprisingly has no speed limits. The best time of the year to visit Germany is between June and August.

Tourist Atractions

Branderburger Tor in Berlin, the symbol of peace built by Carl Gotthans Langhang in 1788
Cologne - the forth biggest city of Germany with more than 30 museums and hundreds of galleries.
Burgkloster in Lubeck, the medivial monastary that was turned into the poorhouse, court and Nazi prison.
A bronze statue by Gerhard Marcks depicting the Bremen townmusicians( Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten) that were immortalized by the Brothers Grimm
Munchen that hosted the Summer Olympic Games in 1972

Popular Activities

Take a picture with the Berling Wall on the background
Visit "Saint Tropez of the North" Schleswig-Holstein and immerse yourself in the laid back atmosphere
Take a tour down to the oldest town in Germany, Trier; it is 2000 yers old
Explore the peaks and forests of the Alps
BMW museum is a must-see place in Munchen
During the summer time going to the beer gardens is a great way to relax.
Go clubbing in Munich's famous club P1
Drive as fast as you can down the Autobahn
Hike the beautiful Bavarian Alps

In Flight

Books: Goethe's Faust,the classic masterpiece by one of German talents
Music: classics by Bach or Beethoven, and something more contemporary like Ramstein or die Prinzen; it will help you to understand the modern autmosphere of contemporary Germany
Movies Run, Lola, run is one of the best German movies ever

Complete your visit With:

Taste: any type of sausage
Drink any type of beer

Words To Learn

Wie gehts? (How's it going?)

Known For:

Puctuality;MP3; Telephone; Oktoberfest; the Berlin Wall; BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche


The German language was once lingua france in central, northern and eastern Europe and remailns the language with the most native speakers in Europe.

Cheap Business Class Flights to Germany

Know your search engines. Many websites search for the cheapest business class flights to Europe sending a request to each airline one at a time what their best deal is. These so called search engines do not find the cheapest business class flights to Germany. The way they search for your flight is not the best way to find the best deal on business class flights to Germany. Airline flight search engines do not look at every possible routing from your departure city to Europe. The best method of finding a great price Is to search from each main hub of the cheapest airline. Once you find the cheapest Business Class airfare from the airline's hub adding on a segment from your city to the airlines hub should only add an additional 30 to 150 dollars depending if the cheapest business seat is available So make sure to search each airline for your business class ticket to Europe. Below Is a list of airlines and hubs combinations you should use in order to find the best deals on Business and First class Air Fare. Try several of these combinations until you find the cheapest Business Class Ticket to European destination. Once you find the cheapest Business Class Seat to Europe one of our agents will be more than happy to put the rest together for you.

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Finding a cheap business class flight to Germany is not difficult if you know where to look the best place to start is with Air Germany. Air Germany fly's business class to a plethora of cities within the Us. A reasonable price to Germany is between $2900 USD to $3800 USD depending on what country you are flying to. In case you do not find a reasonable you can do a more in depth search from European hubs to your destination. There are many European hubs you can use in order to find the flight the cheapest. You can search from Frankfurt, Munich, Brussels, London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Vienne, Warsaw and Rome. ofly.com/business-class/specials/south-pacific/new-zealand/

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