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Munich, the capital of the Bavarian Federal State, was founded in 1158. It used to be a center of Nazi movement after World War I, the place where Hitler made his first attempts to win the power. During World War II the city was damaged severely but after a successful restoration program and economic growth it became a flourishing megapolis.

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Every year Munich attracts millions of people from around the world. People come here for vacation or business. Munich is a home to BMW, Siemens and many others. There are plenty of tourists for Oktoberfest, the holiday of beer. Munich is known for its variety of beer. Moreover, there is a lot to see and to do in the city. Pinakotek der moderne Museum hosts a great collection of paintings and scluptures; Gothic Church of Our Lady built in the 15th century is one of the examples of Gothic architecture; the Olympic Center where the Olympic Games of 1972 were held. Nowadays it functions as a concert venue for the big shows. Next to the Olympic Center there is BMW museum. Marienplatz is the biggest square in the city where public events take place. In the main town building on Marienplatz there is a famous Glockenspiel. There are many parks, gardens and other historical and cultural landmarks worth visiting.

How to Get to Downtown Munich from the Airport

There are several ways one can get to downtown Munich from the airport: by train, by bus, and by taxi.

By Train

S Bahn Rail provides visitors with S1 line that runs from the airport to the main station (Hauptbahnhof) in 45 minutes. The train operates every 20 minutes, singe fare is ? 11.

By Bus

Lufthansa bus runs every 20 minutes from 5:00 till 20:00. To get to the main station will take you 35 minutes, the fare for a ride is ?10.5.

By Taxi

Taxi is the easiest way to get to the center of the city, but not necessarily the fastest. It can take you up to 35 minutes to get to a desired destination and you will have to pay up to ?60, depends on the road condition and your journey?s end.

Germany has something to offer to everybody that is why it still withholds the No 1 position as the most visited tourist country. Moreover, cheap business class tickets to Germany from WaytoFly are as good as you can find online. It goes without saying that flying in business class to Munich will bring you a lot of pleasure and relief. Fly in business class with WaytoFly because cheap business class tickets to Munich are available with us.

As the capital city of the Bavaria region in Germany, Munich is the third largest city in Germany. Munich is well-known for its gorgeous architecture, fine culture, and the yearly Oktoberfest beer celebration. Oktoberfest is recognized worldwide and considered to be at the forefront of many visitors' "must-do list" while in the city. Each of Munich's major breweries preside over their own massive tent filled with traditional musicians who lead the crowd in well-known drinking chants, along with hardy barmaids hoisting ten or more huge 1-liter glass beer mugs. Munich's cultural scene is second to none in Germany, with the museums even considered by some to outrank Berlin in quality. Many travelers to Munich are absolutely stunned by the quality of its architecture, as the city was heavily rebuilt after WWII. Cheap business class flights to Munich available now at can make this your next dream vacation. While in Munich there are many sites to see. The city is divided into eight main districts. Getting around in the city is simple-most people take advantage of the public transportation system consisting of the Tram (streetcar), buses, S-Bahn (suburban trains) and U-Bahn (underground trains). There is only one ticket system, called MVV, which means you can use all elements of the public transport with the same ticket. This is considered the best way to travel-you will be able to visit all of the top attractions with the purchase of one ticket. Ready to book your ticket? Cheap business class flights to Munich from us are just a call or click away. One district not to be missed is the Olympic area where the 1972 Olympics were held. The Olympic site itself is extremely beautiful and the ride to the top of the Olympic Tower is incredible in its magnificent views of the city. Munich is the home to the luxury car maker BMW; a short stroll from the park is the BMW museum housed inside a futuristic building along with the BMW headquarters, which mimics the shape of four cylinder heads. Another popular district is the City Center. The City Center consists largely of the Karlsplatz-a pedestrian shopping zone that leads down to Marienplatz square and the surrounding area, which are the main tourist hangouts. The city center is usually defined as the area within the old walled city, now most distinctly recognizable by the traffic loop known as the Altstadtring. The Isarvorstadt district is the centerpiece of an area called the French quarter around Orleansplatz- a landscaped urban square arranged as a roundabout. The square is home to cafes, bars and the Staatstheater am Gartnerplatz, one of Munich's prime theatre locations. Bordering southwest to Gartnerplatzviertel is the Glockenbachviertel, which is the most vibrant part of Isarvorstadt, with bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Munich is the home to "Bavarian" food. Munich is specifically well-known for Wei?wurst-a breakfast sausage that is traditionally eaten as a late breakfast along with a Weissbier or 'white beer'. Ernest Hemingway once wrote: "You do not even go somewhere else; I tell you there's nothing like Munich. Everything else is a waste of time in Germany". Business class airline deals to Munich: travel in style and save money. Cheap business class flights to Munich found at make this remarkable city affordable to visit for pleasure or business.


Franz Josef Strauss

City : Munich
Country : Germany
Latitude : 48.353783
Longitude : 11.786086
Altitude : 1487
Timezone : 1
Website :
CountryCode: DE
continent: EU
Airport type : closed

Munich Railway

City : Munich
Country : Germany
Latitude : 48.1408
Longitude : 11.555
Altitude : 500
Timezone : 1
CountryCode: DE

Munich HBF

City : Munich
Country : Germany
Latitude : 48.1408
Longitude : 11.555
Altitude : 1200
Timezone : 1
CountryCode: DE
continent: OC
Airport Size : small
Airport type : airport

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