Currency: HUF
Calling Code: 36
Capital: Budapest
Region: Europe
Subregion: Eastern Europe
Languages: hun : Hungarian
Area 93028


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Hungary is a small country in the Central Europe that lies in the Carpathian basin. Hungary is home to historic urban centers and evocative landscapes, not to mention quality wines, rejuvenating thermal springs, and a vibrant arts and music scene. Hungary is the country with unique language, culture and people. Despite Mongol Invasion, Turkich occupation, and Austrian rule Hungarians manged to preserve and keep their genuine heritage. The capital of Hungary is Budapest. The river Danube splits the capital in two: Buda is the older, more graceful part, Pest is more conemporary, full of modern architecture, bars and clubs. There are other centers, such as Eger, Pecs, Szentendre and Sopron, are dynamic cities with rich histories and brilliant architecture. There are 11 national parks in Hungary, 150 thermal spas, and hundreds of preotected areas. Lake Balaton is the largest body of fresh water in Europe. Hungary is a land of elegance, romance and adventoure.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

April to June and September to October

Tourist Atractions

the most important cultural center of the country Royal Palace, houses numerous of museums and historical landmarks.
Fisherman]s Bastioan named after the fishermen whose dute was to defend the side of the city during the Middle Ages.
One of the best known Budapest's structures a 700-year-old Matthias Church
The Chain Bridge. The first stone bridge with lion statues on the sides that was built over the Danube. Nowadays it is considered to be one of the symbols of the country

Popular Activities

Take a trip to Heviz Europe's largest and the world's second largest thermal lake, Gyogyto. Plunge yourself in thermal baths and medicinal pool.
The beautiful Szepasszony Valley (Valley of the Pretty Woman) with its lurching vineyards and ancient cellars and taverns is a popular attraction in Eger.
Ride on a boat along the Danube on a ferry from Budapest to Szentendre, a former artists' colony
Dip your feet in the northern shore of Lake Balaton, Hungary's stretch of freshwater.

In Flight

Books: The Paul Street Boys by Ferenc Molnar
Music: "Neuedeutsche Schule" representative, Hungarian Franz Liszt or Kamillo Lendvay, Istvan Bogar, Frigyes Hidas, Gyorgy Ranki, Laszlo Dubrovay, or the soundtrack from the English Patient|
Movies Fateless, good for the audience that loved Shindler's List

Complete your visit With:

Taste: paprikas csirke (paprika chicken); or gulyas (goulash), full of beefy goodness, Hortobagyi palacsinta, a savoury crepe filled with veal, Rantott husos szendvics (Wiener schnitzel between two slice of bread or in a roll)
Drink Tokaji (after the North-Eastern region of Hungary, Tokaj), Bull's Blood (Egri Bikaver), a dark, full-bodied red wine, Hungarian fruit wines, like redcurrant wine, are mild and soft in taste and texture.

Word To Learn

Egesegere (Cheers l)

Known For:

Paprika; Tokaji; goulash; Rubik's Cube; thermal baths; ballpoint pen; the BASIC programming language.


Hungary is the oldest country in Europe. It was founded in 896 A.D. prior to France and England.

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