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Budapest is the capital of Hungary that consists of Buda and Pest and is located on the both sides of the Danube. The Buda part can be described as green, tranquil town with old buildings, churches and castles. It has a flavor of provincial atmosphere. Pest is very urban, new building rise next to each other which gives the city the feeling of dynamism and energy. However there are plenty of historical and cultural landmarks too. Margaret Island that is situated between the two parts of the city is known for its peaceful parks and magic spas. People from all over the world visit the city all year around besides cheap business class tickets to Budapest make the journey affordable and comfortable.

cheap business class to Budapest

However many people think that business class tickets to Hungary are very expensive. Yet the chance that you will find great discounts on business class flights to Hungary is very high, you need to look for them at the right place, or to be more exact on the right website. If you cannot find a cheap business class flight to Budapest on the airline website, you should call an airline?s consolidator to save enormously. Our job is to find you the best discount on business class flights and save you thousands of dollars and your precious time. WaytoFly has exclusive contracts with airlines and they can get you a great deal on business class flight to Budapest and other numerous destinations.

There are a lot of things to see and do in the city. You can enjoy a very nice view of Pest from Fisherman?s Bastion. Buda Castle has a great variety of museums including Budapest Historical Museum and National Gallery. Andrassy ut is a world cultural sight and cultural boulevard. The Opera of Budapest has a wide range of music programs; its architectural grandeur deserves your attention as well. Central Market Hall was built in the beginning of the 20th century to keep various markets under the one roof; it is a Paris structure prototype. National Theatre is the largest building in Hungary that hosts fine collection of plays. Artists? colony Szenterndre has been a home to artists since the beginning of the 20th century; many talented people create and live here. Vaci utca is a great shopping boulevard which is good not only for shopping but enjoying a cup of coffee as well. Those who have a sweet tooth need to pay a visit to Gerbeaud; it is a famous cafe and confectionery that nurses an interesting legend.

How to Get to Downtown Budapest from the Airport

There several ways of getting from Budapest International Airport to the centre of the city by public transportation: by bus, by train, and by taxi.

By Bus and by Train

During the day bus 93 runs from the airport to the Metro Station where you can transfer to Blue Metro Line and get off at Deak Farenc Ter stop. At night you can take bus 200e or 95. They run 04:00 till 11:00 and from 23:00 till 04:00 correspondingly. Time on the road is 30 minutes; one way ticket costs HUF 300.

By Taxi

Taxi will cost you from HUF 320 to 6500 depends on the desired destination. You can go to a taxi service kiosk in the airport and order a taxi from there. They will give you a ticket with the price you will have to pay at the end of your trip. It might differ from the price on the meter though; don?t afraid to give a driver the lowest fare.

Hungary has something to offer to everybody that is why it still withholds the No 1 position as the most visited tourist country. Moreover, cheap business class tickets to Budapest from WaytoFly are as good as you can find online. It goes without saying that flying in business class to Budapest will bring you a lot of pleasure and relief. Fly in business class with WaytoFly because cheap business class tickets to Budapest are available with us.

How to Find The Cheapest Business Class Flight to Budapest

Knowing how your search engine's work is the first key step. Many websites search for the cheapest business class flight to Budapest by sending a generic request for the cheapest business class flight. They start from a list looking with cheapest business flights to Budapest first then they look at the availability. The way they search for your flight is like looking through a keyhole and guessing what is in the next room, it is not the best way to find the best deals on business class flights to Budapest. Flight search engines do not look at every possible routing from your departure city to Budapest. There are thousands of different combinations of possibilities for your flight to Budapest. The easiest method of finding a great price for your flight is to search from each main hub to Budapest. Once you find the cheapest Business Class airfare from the airline's hub to Budapest adding on a segment from your city to the airlines hub should only add an additional 30 to 150 dollars depending if the cheapest business seat is available. below is a list of the major Airlines and hubs combinations you should use in order to find the best deals on Business and First class Air Fare. Try several of these combinations until you find the cheapest Business Class Ticket to Budapest. Once you find the cheapest Business Class Seat to Budapest one of our agents will be more than happy to put the rest together for you.

The capital of the eastern European country of Hungary is beautiful Budapest. This old, remarkable city is dotted with green parks and charming neighborhoods. A dynamic city, Budapest boasts a hot and cutting-edge nightlife that it the equal of its European counterparts. The city's fine location wedded with the locals' hospitality and remarkable monuments, has given rise to it often being called "Little Paris of Central Europe" and "Pearl of Danube". Business class cheap flights to Budapest from are always available. Business class cheap flights to Budapest make this an affordable time to travel. Sites and sights abound in this city that charms its travelers from first landing. A wonderful feature of Budapest is that the river Danube splits the city into two areas-Buda and Pest, thus the city's name. Radiating out from the dual city center, the structure is quite logical. Landmarks in Buda such as the Royal Castle-or Citadella Castle-can help a traveler get oriented. Most of Budapest's famous landmarks are concentrated on Castle Hill on the Buda side, in the downtown area and along the riverside paths and roads. The most popular tour is of the Royal Palace. It is visually spectacular, ornate, richly conceived and executed. Included in the treasures of the Royal Palace is the National Gallery-housing a world class collection of art. As well, on Castle Hill is the Historical Museum of Budapest. This museum features a rare display of medieval art, and, as well, a history of the Royal Palace. Ready to book your flight? Business class cheap airline deals to Budapest: we always have the best rates available. Visitors looking for a musical interlude will want to experience the opera at Budapest's magnificent State Opera House, or a performance of folklore or classical music at any of Budapest's numerous concert halls. Hungary has a famously rich theater scene and, not surprisingly, Budapest is the hub of it. The season starts in mid-September and concludes in June. Productions range from classic dramas and legacy operas to post-modern performances. Discovering and enjoying Budapest theater life is a must for travelers, even if you don't speak Hungarian. Travelers always set aside time to experience a spa. Budapest is a prized spa city, so when there it is customary to go "bathing". The baths are actually the last vestige of Turkish culture in Budapest, remaining from their centuries ago. All baths are housed near hot springs, and they tap into one or several thermal pools. The hot spring baths are usually augmented with several steam baths, saunas, massage services and other therapies including drinking cures. Travelers liking to shop should visit the Great Market Hall. This recently renovated market edifice has a bustling atmosphere where visitors can experience the excitement of bargaining for the best prices. The food fare in Budapest, of course, includes several traditional Hungarian dishes with specific ingredients. Local specialties include porkolt-a goulash-like stew with lots of onions-and halaszle-a fishermen's soup served differently by areas and then there is stuffed cabbages with paprika. The variety of pastries is astonishing, many of which are available in most coffee houses. Budapest offers a multitude of places to drink-from ultra-hip clubs to neighborhood, friendly pubs. If travelers are in the mood for a real Hungarian experience, they visit a so-called borozo (or wine pub). These offer cheap-yet tasty-Hungarian wine at great low prices. Business class cheap tickets to Budapest: we bring you there affordably and in style. Business class airline deals to Budapest are our specialty.



City : Budapest
Country : Hungary
Latitude : 47.436933
Longitude : 19.255592
Altitude : 495
Timezone : 1
Website :
CountryCode: HU
continent: EU
Airport Size : large
Airport type : airport

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