Italian Republic

Currency: EUR
Calling Code: 39
Capital: Rome
Region: Europe
Subregion: Southern Europe
Languages: bar : Austro-Bavarian German ita : Italian srd : Sardinian
Area 301336


Business Class to Italy

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cheap business class to Italy

From the Roman Empire to Vatican City Italy has been on the world stage as far back as history books go. This great Country has always been rapidly conforming to the world around it. Being the home to people like Julias Cezer, Caligula to Leanardo Da Vinch and The Pope of the Cathlic church. Italy was once the capital of the world when the roman empire ruled from England down to Morroco and then to Egypt and accross the middle east. Seccond to none This mighty Country has been at the center of attention for well over a thousand years and still steals our hearts away.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

April, June, September

Tourist Atractions

The Colosseum
Piazza di San Marco

Tourist Atractions

Party in Lecce, Puglia's hip capital
ski the Alps,
The opera at Milan's La Scala
Turin's cafe-bars

In Flight

Books: room by The Sea: The Sunny Parts of Italy on a Bright Orange Vespa
Music: Andrea Bocelli's renditions of popular Italian classics
Movies La Dolce Vita

Complete your visit With:

Taste: bistecca alla fiorentina in Florence; and pizza in Naples
Drink a fine red Brunello di Montalcino in Tuscany;

Words To Learn

Ciao bella! (Hi/Bye beautiful!)

Known For:

Renaissance art; ancient ruins; pizza, pasta and olive oil; espresso; Pavarotti; mad

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