Currency: EUR
Calling Code: 31
Capital: Amsterdam
Region: Europe
Subregion: Western Europe
Languages: nld : Dutch
Area 41850


Business Class to the Netherlands

The Hague

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cheap business class to Netherlands

The country of tulips and windmills is a very popular tourist destination. It is an exotic blend of a fast-paced modern life in the ciyu and a restful environment of the countryside. It is a perfect destination for those who enjoy walking or cycling. The country itself is very flat and 1/5 of it lies beneath the sea level. the formation of the Netherlands began in 1579 when they declared Independance from Spanish rule. By the beginning of the 19th century the country became the center of trade and commerce. There are five international courts in the Netherlands, four of them are in the Hague. The Netherlands is the birthplace to many famous painters, philosophers and scientists. Such great painters as Vincent van Gogh, Piet Mondriaan and Johannes Vermeer were born here. The masterpiece by Johannes Vermeer Girl with a Pearl Earring is a symbol of Dutch and considered to be "Dutch Mona Lisa"

Best Time To Fly Business Class

April for tulips, May to October for cafe-friendly weather

Tourist Atractions

Rijksmuseum, the largest museum of the history of the Netherlands. It hosts paintings of the Dutch Golden Age
Kinderdijk, the village where one can observe the largest concentration of the windmills that are more than 1000 years old
Hoge Veluwe, the largest national park in the Netherlands
Keukenhof Gardens, the largest flower garden in the world, the home not only to tulips but other kinds of flowers as well
Maastricht Vrijthof, a famous square in Maastricht where St Servatius Church and St Jan's Cathedral are situated

Popular activities

Pay a visit to Delft City Hall with Renaissance style buildings
Make a trip to Frisian Islands (Waddeneilanden), the chain of islands in the North Sea
Explore Leiden, the birthplace of Rembrandt and its fascinating canals
Visit famous and notorious at the same time Red-light Districts
Walk a long distance route Pieterpad

In Flight

Books: the Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom
Music: Tiesto, No 4 DJ in the World according to the Popular Poll
Movies 8 1/2 Women by Peter Greenway

Complete your visit With:

Taste: erwtensoep, thick pea soup; broodjes, small buttered rolls usually filled with ham and cheese or beef; different seafood dishes
Drink white beer; gin jenever; Dutch wines

Words To Learn

Dag (Hello/goodbye)

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