Kingdom of Norway

Currency: NOK
Calling Code: 47
Capital: Oslo
Region: Europe
Subregion: Northern Europe
Languages: nno : Norwegian Nynorsk nob : Norwegian Bokmål smi : Sami
Area 323802


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Norway is a beautiful country filled with mountan peaks and seanic views. Most of Norway is within the Arctic Circle were the sun never sets in the summer and dose not come up during the winter. Norway has fantistic views of the Northern Lights. This is where Europe go'se camping. Norway has everything you need for a perfect vacation away from the city; hiking, climbing, Skiing, Fishing, Safari's, Rafting, caving, spa's, shoping and even Theme Parks all in Norway. Wether you are in Norway during the summer or the winter time there is always some thing to do. Home to the Viking's, Norwegians have had a hold over sea's from the 9th Centery. Norway is also considered to be the birth place to Skiing. The first man to the south pole was Fridtjof Nansen who used Ski's to reach the south pole, Much of the Ski equipment can be seen in oslo's Fram Museum and The Ski Museum.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

May to September for sunshine, December to February for skiing and Northern Lights

Tourist Atractions in Norway

Oslo's Vigeland Park
Lofoten Islands

Tourist Atractions in Norway

Hurtigruten coastal steamer, heading north from Bergen
Oslo-Bergen train route
Take polar-adventure Safari
Hike, Ski or Climb Jotunheimen National Park

In Flight

Books: Gods and Myths of Northern Europe A Doll's House ; Sophie's World
Music: A-ha; electro stylings of Rdyksopp
Movies Max Manus,

Complete your visit to Norway With:

Taste: laks (smoked salmon); warm moltebr syltetay with ice cream
Drink coffee; aquavit (or akevitt)

Words To Learn

Skal vi ga pa ski? (Shall we go skiing?)

Norway is Known For:

Fjords; glaciers; midnight sun; artist Edvard Munch; polar explorers; skiing; stave churches; Vikings


'Ski' is a Norwegian word, and thanks to aeons-old rock carvings depicting hunters travelling on skis, Norwegians make a credible claim to having invented the sport

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