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Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland that welcomes millions of people every year. Zurich is known for a high standard of living, picturesque landscapes and good ecology. Zurich is historical, cultural and educational hub of the country. It is also financial heart of the city; many Swiss and international banks are located in Zurich .Business meetings and important international conferences and convemtions take place in Zurich.

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What To Do in Zurich

Zurich has a lot to offer to people who come here for vacation or business. Zindenhof is Old Town of Zurich with its historical landmark of Roman Castle; Opera House was built in 1891 and was used for all types of performance: drama, opera, and dance till 1925 when it became strictly an opera. Nowadays a lot of world class performances from around the world are held here. Out of all beautiful churches in the world Fraumunster Church has its unique appeal and charm. A lot of tourists come to see it because of the famous Chagall Windows made of stained glass. Limmatquai and Bahnhofstrasse deserve the attention as well. They are pleasant areas to walk and shop around. There are numerous nice cafes and bars. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology or ETH Zurich is a world known university; Albert Einstein used to be a student there. For those who enjoy wild life Zurich Zoo is highly recommended, it hosts up to 300 different types of animals.

How to Get to Downtown from Zurich International Airport

There are several options to get to the center of the city from the airport: by train, by taxi, or by bus.

By Train

It is very fast, comfortable and convenient to get to the center of the city by train. They run every 10 minutes during the day and at night. They take you to the main station of Zurich (Hauptbahnhof) in 10 minutes. One way ticket is ?3.70.

By Taxi

Taxis pick up travelers outside the terminals. The price for a ride is ?30-40; travel time is around 20-25 minutes, depends on the traffic.

By Bus

There is shuttle bus service that can take you to the hotel you need. Buses operate from 06:30 till 23:00 and run every 30 minutes. The fare is ?17 one way.

Switzerland has something to offer to everybody that is why it still withholds the No 1 position as the most visited tourist country. Moreover, cheap business class tickets to Zurich from WaytoFly are as good as you can find online. It goes without saying that flying in business class to Switzerland will bring you a lot of pleasure and relief. Fly in business class with WaytoFly because cheap business class tickets to Zurich are available with us.

The most populous city in Switzerland is Zurich, a city by the lake as it nestles famously on Lake Zurich. It is recognized worldwide as a leading global center, and is among the world's largest financial centers. This charming metropolis is home to a large number of financial and banking institutions. The city is not far away from resorts in the Swiss Alps, so all the breathtaking splendor of the Alps are available to travelers to this city. This astonishingly scenic city is often called the "portal to the Alps." Business class tickets to Zurich are available at We bring Zurich to you in style. Many of Zurich's most charming sites are located in the old town, particularly in the river and lakefront areas. In the old town you can visit Grossmunster, Zwingliplatz (an old Romanesque church) and Fraumunster Kambelgasse (an old Gothic church with window paintings made by Marc Chagall). Another splendid day trip for travelers is a leisurely visit to the Jacob Coffee Museum. It's a single-topic museum depicting the evolution of coffee and the fascinating aspects of the culture that have developed around the drink. If you visit this city during the winter months and like to ski, then a day trip to Flumserberg resort will challenge with highly rated runs in an unforgettable environment. For spring and summer travelers an excursion to Lake Promenade is a must. The lake is a serene place to spend the evening or an entire weekend. Beginning at Bellevue, the boardwalk runs along the lake, and there is a meadow where thousands of people sunbath in the good weather and relax by the water. Ready to book your flight? Business class airline deals to Zurich from our site take you to this city on budget and comfortably. There are also fantastic shopping opportunities in Zurich. The city has three shopping areas-Bahnhofsstrasse, famous for being one of the most exclusive and expensive shopping streets in the world; Niederdorf, where travelers will find a trendy clothes stores; and Lowenstrasse, with its lower price range shops and a large branch of Migros (a department store chain). Fine watches are a cultural expression of Zurich. Swiss-made watches and clocks are highly prized for quality, reliability and intricate mechanics. Dining in Zurich affords an opportunity to experience a great variety of excellent cuisine. Among many popular preparations, and perhaps the most popular, is Zurigschnatzlets-veal in a cream and wine sauce. There are also numerous varieties of grilled Wurst (or sausage)-also very popular. These are accompanied mainly by Rosti-a Swiss potato pancake. This is grated potato formed into a pancake, then pan-fried until crisp in butter or oil. The breads are sumptuous in Zurich, and the baked good offerings are stellar here. Cheese is a Swiss specialty, and travelers will revel in cheese tastings at shops and eateries. Chocolate remains the the city's most delightful indulgence and travelers can spend a day sampling chocolate shops and creations. Zurich's club scene conjures up a hot nightlife for both locals and travelers. There are fancy, upscale clubs alongside casual eateries where one enjoy a drink and unwind in style after a busy day of sightseeing. Business class airfare deals to Zurich from will make this an affordable vacation or business trip. Business class cheap flights to Zurich bring you this city in style while you save money.



City : Zurich
Country : Switzerland
Latitude : 47.464722
Longitude : 8.549167
Altitude : 1416
Timezone : 1
Website :
CountryCode: CH
continent: EU
Airport Size : large
Airport type : airport

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