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The History and Mystery of Stonehenge

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Why was Stonehenge built? Who built it? Those are two of the many questions that lend an air of mystery to this arrangement of ancient rocks located on the Salisbury plain in England. Stonehenge is believed to have been built around 3000 BC. Of course, no one knows the exact date that began the first of several stages of construction. Stonehenge is a circular arrangement of huge stones some of which weigh approximately fifty tons. Some of the stones are partially beneath the ground and others are resting horizontally atop two standing stones. The incredible size of these rocks has begged the question. How did the stones get there? Not surprisingly, all of these questions have lead historians, archaeologists, and amateur history buffs to study Stonehenge in order to come up with answers. The following looks at some of the theories that have been put forth over the centuries regarding the creation of Stonehenge. Also, learn some facts about the area surrounding this monument.

One of the most famous theories about the monument is that it is an ancient calendar. In this theory, the arrangement of the stones relates to various occurrences throughout the year such as solstices and equinoxes. The people who built Stonehenge would?ve had sophisticated knowledge about how the seasons worked and the precision to set the stones accordingly. Another theory concerning the creation of Stonehenge is that it was a place where ancient people sought medical treatment. Archaeologists have found bones around Stonehenge which has led to the theory that people had surgery in that location and sometimes died there. A similar theory is that Stonehenge was used as a burial ground. Along with plausible theories, there are also questionable ones. For instance, because there is so much mystery surrounding Stonehenge some people believe that aliens from outer space constructed the monument in order for UFOs to land. The King Arthur legend is also connected with Stonehenge. Some believe that the king wanted to build a monument in England with huge stones found in Ireland. When the men working for the king couldn?t move these tremendous stones Merlin the wizard was asked to transport them from Ireland to England. Furthermore, it?s believed that Merlin created the arrangement as well. The considerable number of unanswered questions regarding Stonehenge has given way to many imaginative theories as to its beginnings.

The stones of Stonehenge are what most visitors travel to see, but there are other interesting sights in the area. For instance, there are hundreds of burial mounds around Stonehenge including some that date back to the Neolithic period. Excavations of the mounds around Stonehenge have also yielded some ancient artifacts such as daggers, pots, and other pieces of pottery. There are both communal burial spots and individual ones.

Heel Stone is one of the most famous rocks near Stonehenge. It is sixteen feet tall and faces the Stonehenge monument. During the summer solstice, a person who is standing within the arrangement of Stonehenge looking out at Heel Stone can see the sunrise above it. Heel Stone is sometimes called the, `Sun-Stone, or `Friar?s Heel.?

There are some physical facts that archeologists and scientists have learned about Stonehenge. For example, the stones of Stonehenge are made up of sarsen and bluestone. Scientists have also done experiments revealing the approximate weight of the stones. The various stones of Stonehenge range from four to 50 tons. In addition, some of the stones are eighteen feet tall with a certain amount of rock beneath the ground.

Today, hundreds of thousands of people travel to the plains of Salisbury in England making it a point to visit the site of Stonehenge. Many people are curious about this ancient monument and want to witness it for themselves. Though the unanswered questions are a nagging source of frustration to many historians and archaeologists, the mystery that surrounds Stonehenge is what keeps it a favorite attraction on the to-see lists of eager tourists from around the world.

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A Travellers Guide to London

Of all the major cities in the world, each has distinctive characteristics. Some are known for their beauty, some are known for their history and some are known for the availability of entertainment for its citizens. These cities include major metropolitan centers such as Tokyo, New York City, Berlin, Paris and Los Angeles. But, one of the few cities that can combine all of these characteristics is London, England.

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London is actually comprised of several unique villages that together are the metropolitan area. However, each of the village neighborhoods has a different look and feel for people living and visiting. The villages range from historic areas to those with vibrant shopping and night life. With the variety of villages in the London area, it is safe to say that the city has something that will appeal to everyone.

London, England has developed a fine reputation for fine shopping, historic landmarks, a bustling entertainment area second in reputation only to Broadway and a diverse array of sporting events for the public. In addition, London is full of historic building and museums which will entertain all history buffs. London is also easily accessible through use of taxis, buses and the underground railway system which connects the entire city. It?s safe to say that London has something for everyone. That includes the venues that used in the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

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Westminster/St James

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South Kensington

Wimbledon Village

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North London

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Europe     United Kingdom     London     Travellers Guide to London     The History and Mystery of Stonehenge

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Outside of numerous historical landmarks, visitors can enjoy world-class dining with an incredible selection of different cuisines-served up by renowned chefs. London business class airlines deals from take into the heart of London''s culinary world. No one can think of London without the word "pub" coming to mind. London houses thousands of pubs for drinking and dining enjoyment. Pub food has become very popular-along with the city''s well-crafted beers.

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City : London
Country : United Kingdom
Latitude : 51.874722
Longitude : -0.368333
Altitude : 526
Website :
CountryCode: UK
continent: EU
Airport Size : large
Airport type : airport


City : London
Country : United Kingdom
Latitude : 51.148056
Longitude : -0.190278
Altitude : 202
Website :
CountryCode: UK
continent: EU
Airport Size : large
Airport type : airport


City : London
Country : United Kingdom
Latitude : 51.505278
Longitude : 0.055278
Altitude : 19
CountryCode: UK
continent: EU
Airport Size : large
Airport type : airport


City : London
Country : United Kingdom
Latitude : 51.4775
Longitude : -0.461389
Altitude : 83
Website :
CountryCode: UK
continent: EU
Airport Size : large
Airport type : airport


City : London
Country : United Kingdom
Latitude : 51.885
Longitude : 0.235
Altitude : 348
Website :
CountryCode: UK
continent: EU
Airport Size : large
Airport type : airport

Paddington Station

City : London
Country : United Kingdom
Latitude : 51.515833
Longitude : -0.176111
CountryCode: UK

London St Pancras

City : London
Country : United Kingdom
Latitude : 51.53
Longitude : -0.125
CountryCode: UK
continent: NA
Airport Size : medium
Airport type : airport

St Pancras Railway Station

City : London
Country : United Kingdom
Latitude : 51.532519492138
Longitude : -0.12630037301642
Altitude : 80
CountryCode: UK

All Airports

City : London
Country : United Kingdom
Latitude : 51.508056
Longitude : -0.127778
Altitude : 66
CountryCode: UK

London - Kings Cross

City : London
Country : United Kingdom
Latitude : 51.5326
Longitude : 0.1233
Altitude : 72
CountryCode: UK

Euston Station

City : London
Country : United Kingdom
Latitude : 51.5284
Longitude : -0.1331
Altitude : 89
CountryCode: UK

Waterloo International

City : London
Country : United Kingdom
Latitude : 51.5031
Longitude : -0.1147
Altitude : 10
CountryCode: UK

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