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Iran dose not fit the typical stereotype of an oil-addled desert land flush with scowling mullahs, anti-Western feelings and nice carpets. In reality is much more complex and diverse. Iran is a sophisticated culture where poetry is valued over dogma and hospitality trumps austerity. Visitors to Iran are more likely to be welcomed by locals than in a naboring country. In Iran Islam retains an Important place but it is not overwhelming, and the Iranians, despite the trials of a long history and modern politics, are very upbeat and genuinely interested in meeting travellers. Iranians are very soft spoken and open harted. When you hear them speaking it is almost as if they are singing. Like there famous carpets, Iran is textured, subtle and richly colored.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

April to June and September to November

Tourist Atractions

The arched market arcades and beautiful mosques of Imam Square in Esfahan o Winding lanes and wind towers in the mud-brick old town of Yazd
The tea terraces and hills surrounding Masuleh on the Caspian Sea littoral
Magnificent Persepolis, now in ruins, but an awe-inspiring reminder of the might of the ancient Persian Empire
The domes and minarets of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad

Popular Activities

Settle in for an afternoon of banter, bluffing and tea while haggling for a carpet
listen to the silence amid the date palms of Garmeh oasis
Accept an invitation to someone's home for dinner - you are sure to receive one - to experience first-hand Iranian hospitality
Escape the smog and rumble of Tehran on the walking trails of Darband in the foothills of the Alborz Mountains

In Flight

Books: The Way of the World by Nicolas Bouvier, a rollicking tale of a 1950s road trip; and Mirrors of the Unseen by Jason Elliot, an observation of modern Iran
Music: to the sombre melodies of Persian epic poetry sung to traditional accompaniment
Movies: Gabbeh, directed by Mohsen Makhmalbaf, a colourful evocation of nomadic life; or the Lizard, by Kama! Tabrizi, a comedy box-office smash

Complete your visit With:

Taste: mouthwatering mica ghasemi (mashed aubergine with garlic, egg and tomato); or kababs in all sorts of varieties
Drink: chay (tea) at a chaykhane (traditional teahouse); or 'Islamic' - ie no-alcohol - beer

Words To Learn

Khosh amadin (Welcome!)

Known For:

Turbanned mullahs; chadors; carpets; bazaars; desert citadels; oil refineries; poetry; the Islamic regime


Iranians use Arabic script, but their language, Persian, entirely unrelated to Arabic, is related to European languages

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