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Welcome to the most dangerous place on earth. Iraq may be improving slowly, but it is a long way before you'd choose to spend your annual holidays in Iraq. When peace can finally return, Iraq's ancient history will quickly drown out the tragedy of it's more recent years, at least for those who didn't have to live through the dark years of war. Iraq, or Mesopotamia as it was once known, was a host to many of the great civilisations of the ancient world. It is rumored that some where deep within the deserts or Iraq lies the tower of Babolon. Many fascinating religious and rich cultures mixed and played out in the largely peaceful country. Iraq's northern museams in Kurdistan held many riches from antiquity and sadly during the current war many things have been lost. In the meantime, let us pray for Iraqs peace.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

April to September, and when peace returns

Tourist Atractions

Erbil, one of the oldest cities on earth and a symbol of peace in Iraqi Kurdistan The breathtakingly located village of Amadiya in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan o The hillside town of Akre and the former Jewish signposts in the country's north
Ur, with one of the world's best-preserved ziggurats and the possible birthplace of Abraham
Peace in our time

Popular Activities

Don your flak jacket, keep your head down and try to picture Baghdad the
Beautiful amid the dangers of war
Dive into the infectiously optimistic cultural scene in Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan
Drive the unrelentingly scenic Hamilton Road in northeastern Iraqi Kurdistan o Try to imagine the glory days of Babylon in this now-humble, one-time colossus of the ancient world
Hike the high country around Ahmadawa

In Flight

Books: the fantastical tales of Thousand and One Nights to see what Baghdad once was; or The Occupation of Iraq by All A Allawi to see what it has become
Music: to Kazem (Kadim) al-Saher, an Iraqi musical megastar: or the more sedate, haunting oud (lute) of Naseer Sharma on Le Luth de Baghdad
Movies: Kilometre Zero by Hiner Saleem, which debuted at the Cannes Festival in 2005 and is a searing portrait of life under Saddam

Complete your visit With:

Taste: masgouf (skewered Tigris River fish barbecued on an outdoor grill)
Drink: thick black coffee and dark sweet tea

Words To Learn

Salaam aleikum (Peace be with you)

Known For:

One of the world's flashpoints and most dangerous places; long-suffering people; the cradle of civilisation


The Bible's Garden of Eden is believed by some archaeologists and amateur historians to have been in Iraq

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