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Israel was refounded In 1948, and is as rich in sacred points for Jews and Christians as it is for Muslims. Both Israelis and Palestinians consider it to be their homeland. Against this backdrop with six decades of outright war between the two groups, Israel is also, remarkably, a vibrant modern country that combines deeply tradition and religious life with a multicultural melting pot of peoples from all over the world. Israel is liberal oasis in an often conservative region. Its attractions are holy sites, natural beauty and glorious beaches. Discovering Israel behind the constant headlines of war is the most rewarding aspect of any visit here.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

Year-round, although travelling here can be difficult during major Jewish holidays, when transport and accommodation are overbooked

Tourist Atractions

Jerusalem's Old City, with the Western (Wailing) Wall, Temple Mount, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and so much more
Jerusalem's Mount of Olives, among the holiest of all Christian sites and with terrific views
Tel Aviv, the secular city that never sleeps and modern Israel writ large
Caesarea's Roman ruins and a Crusader castle
The charming Unesco World Heritage-listed old town, Akko

Popular Activities

Float atop the waters of the Dead Sea
Follow Jesus' footsteps through Galilee, Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee
Hike through the beautiful nature reserves of the disputed Golan Heights
Explore the desert wilderness of the Negev and climb Maktesh Ramon Crater
Climb Mt Tsfahot for sunrise views of the Red Sea, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia

In Flight

Books: anything by Amos Oz, considered by many to be the most eloquent voice of modern Israel
Music: to The ldan Raichel Project, a blend of Israeli love songs, Ethiopian instruments, Jamaican rhythms and Yemeni vocals
Movies: The Band's Visit, directed by Edan Kolirin, a tragi-comic tale of an Egyptian police band that becomes lost while touring Israel

Complete your visit With:

Taste: hummus, a national obsession
Drink: award-winning Israeli wines from the country's burgeoning boutique wineries

Words To Learn

Shalom (Hello; peace)

Known For:

Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the two sides to Israel's split personality; thriving arts and cultural scene; robust political debates; international kids on kibbutzim; Holy Land


Israeli films have received more Oscar nominations (six) for Best Foreign-Language Film than any other Middle Eastern country

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