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Jordan is in a oasis of the toughest countrys and has seen it all before yet they maintain a stability unheard for it's region. Jordan's history is rich and vibarant starting from Biblical stories, mysterious lost cities to the great Lawrence of Arabia. All these and so many more have always placed Jordan at the centre of great historical events, and signposts to an epic past still provide the centrepiece for Jordan's many attractions such as the Dead Sea. Jordan's warmth and gracious hospitality have been perfected down through centuries of waching the world pass through it.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

April to May or September to October

Tourist Atractions

Petra's rose-red, rock-hewn Nabataean city
Jerash's stunning Roman ruins that would be the star of the show were it not for Petra
Crusader castles, the formidable, evocative bastions in Karak and Shobak
Madaba's Byzantine-era mosaics, and Mt Nebo, where Moses looked out upon the Promised Land
Remote Desert Castles dating back to Umayyad times

Popular Activities

Music: for the echo of Lawrence of Arabia and camp with the Bedouin in Wadi Rum
Dive or snorkel through some of the Red Sea's most beautiful underwater scenery
Giggle in disbelief as you float in the salty waters of the Dead Sea
Hike the stunning Dana Nature Reserve, the Middle East's most impressive ecotourism project
Dive into Amman, one of the Arab world's most hip and sophisticated cities

In Flight

Books: Seven Pillars of Wisdom by TE Lawrence; or Petra: Lost City of the Ancient World by Christian Auge and Jean-Marie Dentzer
Music: to Sakher Hattar, revered as the Arab world's finest oud (lute) player
Movies: Lawrence of Arabia or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade for stunning climactic scenes filmed in Petra

Complete your visit With:

Taste: mensaf (a Bedouin specialty of spit-roasted lamb basted with spices and served on a platter of rice and pine nuts)
Drink: tea, that symbol of Jordanian hospitality

Words To Learn

Ahlan wa sahlan (Welcome)

Known For:

Petra and Wadi Rum; Bedouins and Palestinians in keffiyah (head robes); hospitality; peace and stability while wars

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