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Kuwait is a tiny oil-rich city state surrounded by three middle Eastern giants who have been know to try and push it around. Kuwait occupies one of history's most fought over regions. Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in the 1990 may be what most people know about the country, but civilisation here dates back millennia to the fabled Dilmun Empire. Fast forward to the present day and Kuwait is one of the most intriguing corners of the Gulf. Fascinating markets and harbours sit alongside eye-catching feats of contemporary architecture and the greatest museums in the Middle East. Kuwait is home to traditional Bedouin tribesmen and thoroughly modern oil-rich sheikhs, who could make Donald Trump look poor, an emerging battleground for women's rights and liberalising trends, Kuwait was the Gulf's past and is it's present and future in one very small space.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

February to April

Tourist Atractions

The stunning modern architecture of the Kuwait Towers
An extraordinary collection of Islamic art at Tareq Rajab Museum
Giant spider crabs and crocodiles at the Middle East's largest aquarium, Scientific Center
Failaka Island, holding some of the richest archaeological sites in the Gulf, from Dilmun to Ancient Greece
The last outpost of Old Kuwait, Fahaheel, with a fish souq, dhow harbour and strong Bedouin traditions

Popular Activities

ID Learn about the Kuwaiti past in Kuwait City's fabulous National Museum
Bargain for kitsch and search for treasure in Kuwait City's sprawling souq o Tuck into a date pudding at Belt 7, one of Kuwait City's best restaurants
Dine on Persian Gulf fish in Al-Boom Restaurant, an ancient dhow C. Dive beneath the warm waters of the Gulf, or go desert biking along the beach

In Flight

Books: Women in Kuwait by Haya al-Mughni, which gives insight into the often hidden world of Kuwaiti women in this deeply traditional country
Music: to Abdullahfal-Rowaishid, who blends tradition and Arabic pop
Movies: Fires of Kuwait by David Douglas, which follows the teams cleaning up the burning oil wells after the Iraq war

Complete your visit With:

Taste: Gulf fish baked or stewed with coriander, turmeric, red pepper and cardamom
Drink: coffee served Arabic-style

Words To Learn

Gowwa (Hello)

Known For:

Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait and its 1991 liberation; staunch US ally; Kuwait Towers; blend of strong tradition and creeping liberalisation


Kuwait takes Ramadan seriously?even chewing gum during the Islamic month of fasting is illegal

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