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Lebanon is a vibrant and complicated societies, crafted onto one of the Middle East's most beautiful regions. Its mosaic of vibrant peoples has coexisted here for centuries of at war but more often at peace. Lebanon is Hezbollah and the Roman ruins of Baalbek are in close proximity. Lebanon has 1500-year-old cedar trees and one of the oldest cities on earth. It has some of the Mediterranean's best food and it all collides in Beirut, the sophisticated one-time 'Paris of the Middle East'. Lebanon is a true Middle Eastern melting pot, never more so than now.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

Year-round - summer for beaches, winter for skiing and spring or autumn for hiking

Tourist Atractions

Baalbek, possibly the best preserved, temple-studded Roman ruins in the Middle East
One of the Middle East's most cosmopolitan cities, Beirut
Byblos, a gorgeous fishing port and one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements on earth
Qadisha Valley, the Unesco World Heritage-listed site with rock-hewn monasteries
d the remains of Khalil Gibran
Stunning Mamluk architecture and a fascinating souq in Tripoli

Popular Activities

Wander through Aanjar, a wonderfully intact, 1300-year-old Umayyad city
Trek 6km through the extraordinary stalactites and stalagmites of Jeita Grotto
Ski at the Cedars, an upcountry resort and home to the last of the ancient cedar trees that adorn Lebanon's flagci Hike through the Chouf Mountains, arguably Lebanon's most spectacular scenery' o Wander through the ruins of Tyre, crossroads of Roman and Phoenician history

In Flight

Books: Robert Fisk's Pity the Nation, the best account of Lebanon's civil war; or Amin Maalouf's novel The Rock of Tanios
Music: to Fairuz, an enduring icon of Middle Eastern music
Movies: West Beirut, a classic tale of civil war by Ziad Duweyri; or Caramel by Nadine Labaki, the story of five Lebanese women

Complete your visit With:

Taste: mezze (small dishes served as starters); kibbeh (spiced minced lamb in a fried bulgur-wheat shell)
Drink: Lebanese wines; arak mixed with water and ice; Almaza (the local beer)

Words To Learn

Ahlan wa sahlan (Welcome)

Known For:

Destination for the Middle East's jetset; Roman ruins; sectarian melting pot


Although little remains, the southern Lebanese coast around Tyre and Sidon is where the ancient Phoenician Empire was born

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