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The Kingdom of Oman is one of the Arabian Peninsula's most rewarding destination. It is easier to enter than Saudi Arabia, safer than Yemen and more cutural than the Gulf emirates. Oman has plenty attractions and more history that combines the great sweep of Bedouin tradition with some extraordinary forts and other traditional architecture. Mutrah Souq in Muscat is a fantasy of an Arabian bazaar come to life, with glittering gold and clouds of incense. But it's Oman's diverse natural beauty that is it's main downfall. In Oman you will find wildly beautiful beaches, the jagged ramparts of mountain ranges and the perfectly sculpted sands.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

November to mid-March, to avoid the monsoon

Tourist Atractions

Muscat, the lovely port city with a beautiful bay, atmospheric souq and Portuguese forts Yitti's gloriously unspoiled beach with craggy mountains
Masirah's palm-strewn oases, postcard-perfect beaches and flamingos
Nizwa, the beguiling inland town with a 17th-century fort and expansive souq
Mughsail's jaw-dropping bay with sheer cliffs and frankincense trees close to Yemen

Popular Activities

Walk in wonder though Wadi Shab, the verdant gorge that feels like paradise
Explore the copper-coloured dunes of the Wahiba Sands by camel or 4WD
Drive over the Hajar Mountains from Al-Hamra to Wadi Bani Awf, Oman's most spectacular road
Ponder the mysteries of Ubar, Arabia's fabled 'Atlantis of the Sands'
Get off the beaten track on the Musandam Peninsula, a dramatic Omani outpost guarding the gates of the Gulf

In Flight

Books: Sultan in Oman by renowned travel writer Jan Morris; or Atlantis of the Sands by Ranulph Fiennes
Music: to Symphonic Impressions of Oman performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, which captures the mood, scenery and traditions of Oman
Movies: 7 Days Sultanate of Oman - Oman's cinematic history is nonexistent but at least you can take a tour around the country

Complete your visit With:

Taste: harees - steamed wheat, boiled meat, lime chilli, onions and garnished with ma owaal (dried shark); shuwa (marinated meat cooked in an earth oven)
Drink: camel's milk

Words To Learn

Tasharrafna (Nice to meet you)

Known For:

A former hermit sultanate that has become one of the most open Arabian Peninsula states: frankincense; ancient forts; Bedouin and the sands of the Empty Quarter


The coastal oasis of Sohar will forever be remembered from the Arabian Nights as the starting point for Sinbad's epic journeys

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