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Off the beaten path Pakistan was on 14 August 1947. It is one of the last great frontiers for travellers seeking white-knuckled adventure. Known today for harbering Osama Bin Ladin a man with a million follar bounty on his head. It was even reported that he lived in 5 different houses and gave his wife gave birth to 4 childern in goverment hospitals since 2002 with him at her side. However, with political turmoil and religious fundamentalism, this is not a destination for the faint-hearted. Pakistan has spectacular attractions from ruined cities, mesmerising mosques, fascinating tribal culture, crumbling Raj-era relics to the stunning Himalayan scenery. Unfortunetly Much of this country is off limits because of the risk of violence but with some strategic planning, it is peasy to travel through Pakistan and experience a captivating Islamic culture that has not changed since the time of the Mughals.

Best Time To Fly Business Class

November to April in the south, May to October in the north

Tourist Atractions

The Mughal brilliance of Lahore Fort and the Badshahi Masjid
A courtyard with room for 300,000 of the faithful at the Faisal Masjid in Islamabad o The ruins of a vanished civilisation at Moenjodaro
Sufi shrines and spectacular Mughal monuments in historic Multan
Pantomime sabre-rattling at the Wagah-Attari border crossing between Pakistan and India

Popular Activities

Eat mutton biryani - the perfect quick lunch - in the bazaars of Hyderabad o Sway along with the singers of qawwali (Sufi devotional music) at the Data Darbar in Lahore
Rattle along the bone-shaking Karakoram Highway to Kashgar in China
Marvel at the outrageous ornamentation of Pakistan's lavishly decorated trucks and buses
Get carried away by the heated atmosphere of a cricket match at Karachi's National Stadium

In Flight

Books: Kamila Shamsie's Burnt Shadows or Mohsin Hamid's The Reluctant Fundamentalist, to see the world from a Pakistani perspective
Music: to the ballads of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the most famous performer of qawwali
Movies: Shoaib Mansoor's Khuda Kay Liye (In the Name of God), a thought-provoking exploration of some of the key issues facing Pakistan today

Complete your visit With:

Taste: chicken karahi, the national curry of Pakistan and the forerunner to the British balti
Drink: fresh fruit juice; chaff (tea); or badam milk, flavoured with almonds

Words To Learn

Insha'Allah (If God ills it)

Known For:

Mangos, mosques and mountains; the Karakoram Highway; Raj-era relics; climbing K2; nuclear stand-offs; military coups

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